Monday, June 06, 2011

Selling Severin and other links

BC has been involved with Canaan Severin early on and now other schools are lining up. He's one of the top prospects on our list and one of the top prospects in New England. Canaan says he wants to make a decision this summer and puts UConn and BC above others. Let's hope the staff can close him out and build on the recent recruiting momentum.

Although many BC names are being rumored for the BU job, it looks like Richard Pitino (Rick's son) is the front runner for the opening. I think a solid BU program is good for BC and Boston. I also think they will make a big mistake with Pitino who will bolt at the first chance rather than a Boston guy who will want to stay and build something at BU.

Phil Steele has a bunch of metrics that he relies on. One is returning yards and another is returning tackles. BC is top 5 in one and top 50 in the other. I am not expecting miracles this year, but we cannot let expectations be lowered either. There are many positive indicators.

Luke Kuechly is ranked 29th in CBS's ranking of college players.

Derrick Rossy is looking to make a career out of boxing.


HUGE said...

FYI. CBS didn't rank college players; they rank all sorts of things (e.g., Smurf Turf). I think Spaziani's moustache is a dark horse for the top 10.

Patrick said...

Phil Steele is undoubtedly the best pre-season college football analyst, so I'm with you there ATL. But I noticed that his stats are percentage of last year's yards gained --- and BC returns more than 95% of their yard-gainers.

Unfortunately, we were among the (if not, the) worst BCS-conference teams in terms of total yards gained. If the offense is not drastically different --- and it might be, given the change in OCs --- it doesn't matter who is returning.

We also appear to be returning 100% of our time management personell, unless Rogers is somehow able to garner some influence in that department. I think you'll agree that's not a blessing.