Thursday, June 30, 2011

Season previews and other links

I found Pre-snap Read's profile of BC refreshing. The best part was their candid look at our offense:
...take note of one of the most puzzling, frustrating, impotent offensive attacks in the country: 109th in total offense, 97th in passing, 90th in rushing – despite having the nation’s 23rd-leading rusher – and 109th in scoring. This was an offense that gained more than 400 yards of offense only once, that passed for more than 200 yards only four times, that was skunked by Virginia Tech, that scored 13 points against Notre Dame and managed only 185 yards of offense in a bowl loss to Nevada, a team not known – and this is being kind – for being intimidating defensively.
Pre-Snap also thinks Spaz's seat could get hot if we struggle.

This preview post looks at our consistency and wonders what will happen to Spaz if we slip this year.

Add Donnie Fletcher to the list of players that HD likes.

BCI held a Q&A with a UMass blog.

Former Eagle Dan Mulrooney is continuing his football career at Stony Brook.

BC is not the only private school trying new ideas in an effort to spark lagging ticket sales.

Is anyone surprised that BC is included among the schools that Brooks Brothers selected for their special themed line?


Erik said...

BC Brooks Brothers apparel! Whale Pantsers are popping champagne in the Edgartown homes at this very moment.

mod34b said...

Are there really many whale pantsers at bc? Alum? Seems to be myth.

But onto fashion, I heard BU has a line by Fredricks of Hollywood

Rob said...

Thank you for that Pre-Snap Read analysis, pretty incredible that ESPN where people are actually paid to do this stuff can't put together anything nearly that comprehensive.

Rather than the 5 WRs, I think we're going to see the return to a TE based offense of the Pete Mitchell/Mark Chumura days based on Pantale's comments about Rogers.

Erik said...

There are two types that I see:

Truly older men that fit the mold you expect. They do exist. Sometimes they just wear a blue or green sweater that says "Ireland" and has nothing to do with BC.

Second, are the college aged kids that do it for laughs & irony, or aren't doing it for laughs but are truly douchey.

cullenmi said...

When did Prep become douchey? I would pick prep over some PBR drinking BU Hipsters any day.