Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A commitment talks and other links

BC's latest OLine commitment is saying all the right things about BC. I am just glad we are still a factor in New Jersey.

Sean Williams is getting a serious look from the Phoenix Suns. At this point I would be shocked if he ever becomes a regular contributor in the NBA.

HD thinks we have the best linebackers in the conference. She even takes the time to discuss names other than Kuechly's.

Castonzo plans on starting a foundation for cancer research.

Here is the latest on Ed O'Bannon's suit against the NCAA. Doug Flutie is sitting on millions if he joins the suit.


Big Jack Krack said...

It seems as though the coaching staff is landing some potentially very good O linemen. Let's go BC - let's get back to o line dominance with a very good Rogers balanced attack!

We've got our share of top players this year - let's not kid ourselves.

It's June 30th and we can be optimistic. By the way - let's be a little more positive for the sake of the players. They deserve our support and admiration, and as die hard fans we should attend the games in spite of the restrictions and the GDF factor, etc. It's our school, not Gene's. It's our reputation. I reject the philosophy that because we are stuck with a clueless AD (one who is not clued in to his fan base), we should boycott the stadium.

If we can play our first two games to our new potential (God am I glad to be rid of 3rd&9quill) - relatively error free - we can go 5 and 0 out of the box with a date in Clemson, SC on October 8th.

Of course Northwestern and UCF will demand our full attention - but we are capable of beating both. And if we do, we'll have the momentum to win the next three.

Exciting, winning football will fill the stands, hopefully.

Go Eagles.

Galvin said...

BJK, I really like this comment and I am very excited as well. I know it's summer, blah blah, but I wish it was September already. I hope Chase really takes to Roger's offense. I think the kid showed some very good flashes last year and has the potential to be a solid QB. Let's hope our receivers step it up and Pantale gets more looks. I think our defense will be solid again.

NEDofSavinHill said...

I fully agree with BJK.

Scott said...

The Article about the Keller/O'Bannon case (now called In re NCAA Likeness) has one big mistake it. Clearly they didn't read the pleadings or the Judge's first motion to dismiss the complaint against EA (but not NCAA or CLC). The Judge gave the plaintiffs one more chance to amend the complaint against EA, but I they didn't offer anything new, so I expect it will be dismissed with prejudice this time. Once that happens, I'll be happy to comment on the case.