Thursday, July 14, 2011

Daniels going to Prep School and other links

As I tweeted earlier, incoming recruit Steven Daniels will not play for BC this fall. He is scheduled to attend Worcester Academy. The delay is based on academics. Now it probably won't impact us this season, but I hope we retain him as he re-enters the recruiting process.

A Notre Dame site held an interview with Kevin Rogers. In addition to sharing his history, the Q&A was also a reminder of how many big names were on Bob Davey's Notre Dame staffs. (Thanks to Fabian for the link.)

Rivals ranked their top 2-stars of the decade. Many Eagles made the list. appreciates our great defense.

In my take on the Oline, I mentioned looking at a recruit and projecting to the next level. This article reinforces that BC has certain height requirements for our OLine.

Here is more on Mark Herzlich's charity golf tournament.

I liked BCI's take on the BYU schedule. But there is no way we will ever play ND, Syracuse and BYU in the same season.

This is from a few days ago, but here is HD's take on Rogers.

Both the men's and women's tennis teams earned academic honors.


mod34b said...

I like the 2 star all star list. Probably the best 2 players on list are BJ Raji and Ryan Klady of Boise.

Interestingly, they probably lined up against each other - still unheralded and still unknowns - in the December 2005 MPC Computer Bowl in Boise on the blue turf! Wonder who prevailed?

Jamie Silva, another 2 star all star, was also on that field!

Erik said...

Prep school - cost us on Dorien Bryant. Worked out okay with Craig Smith.

eagle1331 said...

Love the plethora of football links today.. so close!

Jeff said...

In the interview, Rodgers says about VT, "It's one of those places like those Midwestern schools where people will drive hundreds of miles every week to see them play."

Hey... I drive over a hundred miles every game. BC may not own the state (or even town), the way some big universities do, but we still have dedicated fans.

mod10aeagle said...

That ND site INT with Rogers is interesting. First, his comment about this decision (to move back to college coaching) being forced on him -- I understand it, but there's not a lot of enthusiasm there. Second, his comments about the atmosphere at VT and the facilities at ND -- is he in for a shock at BC. And finally, his closing comment about bringing the Eagles to ND this season "I just hope we can be competitive." -- Aw shit. And I thought Spaz was a downer.

mod34b said...

Mod10. I think Rogers is just " playing" ND with his comment. Hope so