Friday, July 15, 2011

Yet another recruit and other links

Spaz added another verbal recruit with the commitment of RB Akeel Lynch. Although he plays in upstate New York, Lynch is Canadian and based on the video, proud to be a Canuck. If we keep grabbing Canadians, we might want to bring in someone to sing "O, Canada" before each game.

If he just wins a portion of the awards that are "watching" him, Kuechly will need to practice his acceptance speeches.

We might not be expecting much this season, but the simulations on EA show promise. (HT, BCI.)


Scott said...

Man, akeel's highlight reel is a jaw dropper, and from just 5 games.

Most marve at his speed, and for good reason after running a 10.9 100 meter ( despite a poor start) to place second in regional finals a month ago.

But I'm most impressed by how decisive he is between the tackles ... "one cut and explode," with good vision on the cut back. Seems like a natural for the position.

mod34b said...

nice to see BC beating out Penn State for a recruit (and Syracuse, Uconn and others)

NEDofSavinHill said...

Recruiting looks good. At the spring game, our offensive line consisted of: lt-Wetzel, lg-Richman, c-Spinney, rg-Williams, and rt-Cleary. I expect they will be the starters vs. Northwestern.
As for scheduling, we should never play Syracue because: (1) BC has nothing to gain, and (2) biased Big East officials will be at Chestnut Hill. Did you notice the Best East crew which worked the ND game last year? They gave BC 15 penalties versus 2 against ND. It is unlikeley that BC will get a fair shake from Big East refs.
BC's ideal scheduling would be:
1.ND 2. BYU. 3. TCU. and 4. U. Mass. Play the Christian, religious schools and the local school. U. Mass games at Foxboro are virtual home games. With TCU in the Big East, however, you'd need neutral refs. BC should play TCU and ND with non-Big East officials. They're still a lot of lingering resentment about BC leaving the Big East.
A final note: Traghese was the worst conference commissioner ever! He signed a long term deal for the Big East that paid its schools 4-5 million a year. Most of the other BCS schools are getting 17-20 million a year.

D-Murph said...

I like playing Syracuse. They are a historical rival from the same region of the country where we compete for recruits.

BC has nothing to gain from playing UConn, not Syracuse...

Also, UMass games at Foxboro are not virtual home games. I don't think that a ton of BC students would travel to that game (unless BC set-up some sort of busing system - unlikely). And UMass, as a state school, has a ton of alums in the area.

EagleDave said...

UMass fans aren't traveling in droves for that game either. 35-40k for a game at Foxboro sounds about right. It's a neutral site game that BC will win 9/10.