Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pillow Pets are the latest novelty gift to slight BC fans

Are you familiar with Pillow Pets? They are pillows that fold into cute stuffed animals. Their infomercials are ubiquitous. I must say the marketing is highly effective as both of my daughters have one. In the ultimate brand extension, there are now NCAA Pillow Pets. You can buy Pillow Pets for many teams including Miami, UNC, FSU, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Clemson, NC State, and Virginia Tech. I guess the brains behind the latest fad didn't think the wine and cheese crowds at UVA, Duke, Wake and BC would be interested. But when you can get a Syracuse Pillow Pet or a UConn Pillow Pet or even some FCS schools, you know BC isn't connecting from a marketing standpoint. I have to say it is disappointing. What am I supposed to lay my head on when I am curled up under my BC Snuggie?


matthew2 said...

love the labels... awesome

Lenny Sienko said...

While this may seem a minor matter, it is indicative of a long-time problem; i.e., lack of brand-name recognition for BC at the national level.

Walk into any logo-based sporting goods store and you will find the "usual suspects" --ND, UCLA, USC, all of the SEC--in the east Syracuse, Penn State, UConn; but you really have to look for BC.

Every tine something new comes along, I check to see if BCi s included. More often than not--BC is left out of the customary marketing outlets.

BC needs to get its marketing act together.

apple said...

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