Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rettig featured and other links

I am totally on board the Rettig bandwagon (and will have more on that later this week) but it seems like the media is starting to appreciate our sophomore QB. Right now it is only the local writers, but I think by the UCF game you will see more on Rettig's rise.

Everyone felt the offensive line was better, but Richman missed long portions of the scrimmage with back issues. We need him healthy if we expect any consistency upfront.

Clancy and Divitto are battling for the starting strongside LB spot. Although Kuechly never seems to come off the field, a few years ago we rotated LBs all day. I expect both Divitto and Clancy to play.


JBQ said...

ESPN sports website has a tab with players in the NFl by college. Brian Toal is listed as a linebacker with the New York Jets.

matthew2 said...

I think he is the only FULLBACK on the roster besides John Connor right now. I wonder if they will carry 2.