Friday, September 09, 2011

Game Watches: BC vs UCF UPDATE

Just a note: this game is on CBS Sports Network which is a sports cable channel. It used to be called CSTV and CBS College Sports Network. This is not on your local CBS affiliate. If you don't get it at home, most sports bars will have the channel. As always, if there is a club that is not listed, please email me and post an update in the comments.

ATTENTION BAY AREA EAGLE FANS: the NorCal Chapter will be sponsoring drinks for the first hour of the game, so get there early!

Boston Game Watch
The Baseball Tavern
1270 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02215

Charlotte Game Watch
Beantown Tavern
130 Matthews Station St.
Matthews, NC, (704-849-2023)

Chicago Game Watch
2721 North Halsted Street
Chicago, IL

Denver Game Watch
Icehouse Tavern
1801 Wynkoop St, No 150
Denver, CO 80202-1098
(303) 292-3775

Los Angeles Game Watches
3600 Highland Ave.
Manhattan Beach
(310) 545-8811

1220 W. Burbank Blvd.
(818) 556-6550

Orange County, CA Game Watch
Spelly's Pub and Grille
40675 Murietta Hot Springs Rd.
Murrieta, CA

New York City Game Watch
Vertigo Bar & Restaurant
26th & 3rd
New York

Phoenix Game Watch
Gallagher's Sports Grill
7575 N. 16th Street, Phoenix

San Francisco Game Watch
Shanghai Kelly's in San Francisco
2064 Polk Street (corner of Polk & Broadway)
San Francisco, CA 94109


Benjamin said...

Anyone in the San Jose area interested in having a game watch?

BCinDC said...

Washington, DC Gamewatch @ Redline in Chinatown (707 G St. NW).

John said...

Outer banks game watch anyone?

BCDoubleEagle said...

At least 6,500 UCF fans are committed to wearing red bandanas tomorrow night. When's the last time BC students did anything like this? For that matter, when's the last time BC students did anything at a game besides show up late, yell "you suck" at the opponent, talk on their cell phones, and leave early?

BCinDC said...

What's with the pent up hostility towards the students? I have seen the student body get behind a good cause on many occasions. Just searching for reasons to bash on them I guess. They are late, but that's a habit that has been ingrained for a loooong time, probably dating back to your days at the heights. Alums aren't showing up early or often either. Let's just hope the bitterness in you isn't passed down to the new generation...

BCinDC said...

And to your other points yelling you suck at the opposing football team is more respectable than yelling (figuratively speaking) it at your fellow Eagle. And cell phones? Pretty normal nowadays. I just hope you went to BC Law rather than BC High or I would really be embarrassed.

mod34b said...

6,000 BC students will get red bandanas at the Duke game in honor of BC 9/11 hero Welles Crowther

See wells-crowthers-honor-at-BC

How's that grab you!

marcos said...

anyone know of another spot in NYC besides Vertigo?

Dan said...


Try Thunder Jackson's down on Bleecker

Not an official watch so the crowd is small but the vibe is more fun. Think the owner is a former bc guy. When I went last year the crowd was small but when bc scored we got free shots, the hot ass bartender blew a fireball and they played the fight song.

Anyone know a gamewatch in baltimore?

Big Jack Krack said...

I just lost my post. It was too long anyway.

This is a quality opponent that has come a long way in a few years. UCF has invested hundreds of millions to upgrade their facilities, build a stadium and infrastructure, etc.

This isn't the team we crushed 3 years ago - and neither are we the same. I fear we are going in opposite directions.

Go BC - find a way to win in spite of all of the injuries and thinness at key positions.

I will be proud if we win - and I hope Godfrey doesn't run for 175 yards against us

Big Jack Krack said...

We'll be at the game cheering loudly a usual.

Lenny Sienko said...

Does anybody else find it odd that nobody mentions George O'Leary and the job he's done turning UCF into a real football program?

I can only imagine what he might have done at ND, if he hadn't had that little problem with his c.v. I suppose its better for us that he didn't get his chance there.

O'Leary versus Spaz...advantage O'Leary.

Let hope our Eagles can overcome adversity and win.

BCMurt09 said...


BC is doing a joint game watch with the UCF alumni at Southern Hospitality on 76th and 3rd I think. My friends and I may be going to the Hairy Monk which is a Boston sports bar and trying to get them to turn one of the tvs to the game. Hairy Monk is also close to Vertigo.

Jeff said...

Dallas game watch is at Christie's in Uptown, per usual.

Defensive Cyborgs said...

game watch in seattle?

Andrew said...

gamewatch in philly?