Thursday, September 08, 2011

Guest Blogger: Knights Notepad

I first hosted Iliana Limón as a guest blogger prior to our 2008 game against UCF. Since then the Orlando writer has seen the Knights become one of the better mid-major programs in college football. Below is our latest exchange, as she explains who else we should worry about and if UCF even cares about BC.

1. Godfrey gets all the attention, but is he really the key to the offense? Who else should BC fans focus on?

Knights Notepad: Jeff Godfrey is the key to the UCF offense, but the offensive line and the Knights’ three primary running backs are the other major players to watch on offense. The line has improved dramatically since UCF last played Boston College in 2008. Running backs Ronnie Weaver, Latavius Murray and Brynn Harvey are all strong rushing threats.

2. I see this as a similar matchup to UCF's Liberty Bowl against Georgia. In that game UCF took on a young promising QB in a prostyle offense and decided to bring tons of pressure. Do you see the same sort of strategy in this game? Do you think they will blitz BC often?

Knights Notepad: UCF’s defense has never been passive. The goal is always to put pressure on the quarterback and disrupt all action the backfield, including handoffs to the running back. UCF should be rolling in waves of defensive linemen to take advantage of their unique strengths and keep fresh legs on the field.

3. Most BC fans assume this will be a big game for UCF, given that it is a BCS team coming to play them. Yet O'Leary downplayed it. Is this a big, circle the calendar game for the Knights?

Knights Notepad: I think it’s hard for UCF coaches and players to describe what this game means to them one. On one hand, they understand any time you play a team from an automatic qualifying BCS conference, it’s a chance to make a statement. They want wins, they want nonconference wins that will be recognized nationally and they want to earn more respect. On the other hand, they believe they have proven they can win consistently and should not be viewed as some sort of underdog going into Boston College. UCF is favored by Las Vegas oddsmakers to win by about seven points. UCF players and coaches are confident they can win if they perform well.

4. What is your prediction for the game?

Knights Notepad: I think it’s going to be a close game, but I do favor UCF to win. I suspect it will come down to which team can hold the point in the trenches and avoids turnovers.

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mod34b said...

The mood in BC blogland for the UCF game is certainly downbeat.

I hope this mood is not infecting the team too. But you just know that Spaz is not capable of sustained optimism, and if there is going to be a determination to win, it will come from the players - and I think it will. Do the closed door meeting this week, not next week.

C'mon Kuechley, leadership requires a big mouth sometimes ... Open your yap and motivate your guys, especially on D where you should be embarassed by last week and remain embarrassed until you play well.

BC historically rises to the occassion when counted out the most. I recall last year we were 21 point underdogs to FSU. We beat expectations and played really well against a future 1st round NFL pick (his worst game of the season, if I recall)

To be 7 point underdogs to UCF, a non AQ school, is a disgrace. C'mon BC players, put these guys in their place!

Freese, get you sh@t together. We can't afford a head-case kicker.

Richman -- man up ... do it now. let your pain be a source of inspiration not an excuse.

Andre -- channel Montel and be just a tad more patient to find the hole as it opens. Fake out a few defenders.

Rettig -- you must improve your accuracy. Throw the balls a tad higher, and little closer to the receiver. Do not play "not to be intercepted." That is classic Spaz play-not-to-lose thinking. Even Matty Ice had many picks, but he was never afraid to stick the ball into traffic. Look out for your TEs too. If you play it even semi-not-to-lose, you will lose.

Edabali and Devitto -- you must contain the UCF QB.. do not let him loose!

Quinn -- are you a football player or what? get mad. GET MAD. get pumped up. Get after the QB and show us all you got!

Sylvia -- good sticks last week. keep it up.