Thursday, September 08, 2011

BC-Central Florida preview

Will the entire season swing on this game? It sounds dramatic but it feels that way. If BC cannot get a win here, that means we have to go 6-4 for the remainder of the schedule just to be bowl eligible. We've padded our win totals through the years with out of conference games. Losing this weekend not only would create an uphill climb but I also think it would hurt the team's and fanbase's confidence.

Overlooked storyline for the game: throwing to the tight ends
Coming into the season it seemed that our depth and talent at Tight End would be a perfect fit with Rogers' philosophy. Yet on Saturday the Tight Ends were used for protection and were an after thought in the passing game. Now that UCF has film on us, I would like to see us pass more out of the two-Tight End formations. It would be a nice adjustment from last week.

Three Simple Keys
1. Continue throwing downfield. My fear is that without Momah and given the sacks from last week, BC will revert to more dink and dunking. That would be a mistake. UCF will bring pressure. We will have to take advantage of that go deep.
2. Keep Godfrey in the pocket. This is even more important after last week's lesson. If we don't contain Godfrey we will struggle. If we get him passing 20+ times, we will win.
3. Better tackling in the secondary. There were some coverage issues last week but my bigger concern was the tackling.

Gambling Notes
-- O'Leary is 2-19 against BCS teams while at UCF
-- O'Leary is 25-19 at home while at UCF
-- Spaz is 0-2 in his road openers
The current line is BC+7

This is BC's first live football game to be featured on CBS Sports Network.

Scoreboard Watching
NC State vs Wake Forest. Aside from being a matchup of two teams on our schedule, I think it will be important to see if Wake bounces back from the Syracuse loss. They looked decent at times, but gave the game away. If they play well against TOB, then we know we will have a challenge when they come to BC.

I hope to see...
Consistency out of the running game. Having the offensive line move back to their natural positions should help. If we can't be consistent, then it will be up to Rettig again.

BC is in trouble if…
We keep kicking field goals instead of TDs. This will be a low scoring game. If we cannot get to 20 points, I wonder how we will win.

Bottom Line
As I said in prior posts, I don't think we are far off. If the lines play better, we win this game. I think Spaz will have the adjustments made to slow them down and our offense puts up another 300+ yards through the air. We get up early and then both sides bog down a bit. BC wins based on keeping them bottled up in the red zone.
Final Score: BC 24, UCF 16


Erik said...

Agreed on tight ends. I believe we only hit Pantale once and no other tight ends last week.

My Debbie Downer thought is:
If we lose, we're likely looking at the worst football season in 10-15 years, the worst basketball season in 10-15 years, and even possibly the worst hockey season in 10-15 years (because of attrition and only because the bar is set so ridiculously high).

My positive outlook thought is:
With the laundry list of things that went wrong last Saturday, we were still right in it at the end. 19 yards in 14 seconds with time to set up a play due to NW injury - the win was possible still.

EL MIZ said...


if we lose this week, we are still undefeated in ACC play. we then would likely have our best offensive player returning.


el miz

mod10aeagle said...

Perhaps if Devine can coax the O-line into doing a bit of blocking the TEs can actually go out for a pass now and then. Just a thought.

Swigart appears to me to be the best receiver on the team. He's not big or particularly speedy, but he runs a nice route, especially out of the slot, and has great hands. Look for him.

John said...

I am wondering what uniforms we will sport this Saturday night.

We might see those stained glass helmets yet - it seems as though teams are switching up from game to game.

mod10aeagle said...

The ND retro unis for this Saturday's game under the lights at "The Big House" in Ann Arbor are nothing compared to what the Wolverines will be wearing.

Not sure the Eagles ever had uni elements that would add up to a throwback of much interest.

EL MIZ said...

the hits keep coming

After practicing for two days in pads, running back Montel Harris (knee) is not practice today and is out for Saturday’s game

“His leg’s bothering him,” said Spaziani.

Whether that alters his target return date of next Saturday against Duke remains to be seen, but he was walking without a limp today….

Defensive tackles Kaleb Ramsey (foot) and Dominic Appiah (leg), defensive end Connor Wujciak (head) are out; cornerback Donnie Fletcher (back) is doubtful. Also, Harris Williams, who was moved from offensive guard to defensive tackle, is questionable with a foot injury.

True freshman safety Spenser Rositano, who missed the opener with a concussion, will travel with the team and is expected to play on Saturday.

Big Jack Krack said...

Wow. Who do we have on the interior DLine?

Rudolph, Murray, O'Neal - we'll have to use freshmen, and convert Bryan Davis back to DL.

How could we allow this cupboard to be so bare?

Big Jack Krack said...

Way to go coaches/recruiters.

This reminds me of the old BC - put guys in where they are willing to play, regardless of their true positions.

Rob said...

The complete failure to recruit DTs is just amazing to me. What are these guys doing, they couldn't parlay Raji and Brace into a sales pitch.

ATL, I'd be interested to hear your opinion on Harris practicing in pads. It seems to me like he keeps rushing himself back into competition, and then hurting himself, seems like the coaching staff needs to step in and tell him to sit.

eagleboston said...

ATL, I know that your previews are not meant to be reality and you always pick BC to win, but I just don't see how BC, a team that could not beat Northwestern with a back-up QB at home, can possibly beat a more talented team on the road. Especially when you factor the injury situation.

I do see BC improving from week to week and I believe they will be at their best by November, but I just don't see an avenue where the depleted Eagles win on Saturday (at full strength, I do believe we win this game, but unfortunately, that is not reality for us).

JoeBu said...

Eagle, have you ever not picked BC to win in your game preview??

Not sure how you can be so positive. As long as Spaz is running things we will always play cautiously and not to lose (last week was awful watching Spaz not use any TO's when NU was inside the 20 so our offense had some time with the ball).
I'm tired of watching this team take on his persona. Exemplified by our corners playing 10 yards off WRs even in 3rd and shorts. All you have to do to beat us is play multiple WR sets all game long. FSU destroys us every year doing that and I don't know why anyone would deviate.

Drives me insane and it's a wonder we ever get any quality recruits to come here...just once I want an "athlete" or someone with a high-ceiling.