Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Money, money, money and other links

This story on college salaries in Boston made the rounds this morning. The BC angle was pretty clear, Gene and Jags both made over $1.1 million in 2009. Of course Jags was not even coaching BC in 2009, so it was a nice severance deal. I am not one to harangue about people being overpaid. Go get yours and all of that greed is good stuff. My concern though is that once again BC is selective in who gets paid what. Based on this article, Gene is among the most highly compensated ADs in the ACC. Yet we rarely pay top dollar for a coach. Why does BC feel they can overpay for one role and pay less than market (BCS salaries) for an arguably more important role -- that of the coach. The other thing this article validates is that there is no financial reason to keep Spaz any longer than needed. If BC could afford to pay two head coaches in 2009 (Spaz and Jags), then BC can afford to pay two head coaches in 2012.

This article isn't BC related, but I found it interesting. In a play on Moneyball, the writer identifies college football coaches and programs who exploited inefficiencies in the market place. In a way, BC did this under TOB for many years, by focusing on excellent line play as a way to mask shortcomings at skills positions. I hope whomever takes over the program after Spaz has an OLine background or at least respects that it needs to be BC's focus.

The Hockey East coaches voted BC No. 1 in their preseason poll.

More BC hockey games will be televised nationally this season.

Future Eagle Dan Crimmins was featured in this article.


JBQ said...

From a capitalistic viewpoint, you are more than right. You forget about Title IX and the Jesuit viewpoint. Here in St. Louis, you find a parallel situation. Rick Majerus (Marquette, Utah) makes over 1 mill for BB. Chaifetz built a new athletic facility and brought in Majerus and is paying "part of the freight". SLU dropped hockey and attempts to bring back football. WPL spent time at SLU as well as Marquette. GDF is paid the money because he is friendly to Title IX. The current president of SLU, Biondi,SJ, is and has been militantly Title IX friendly. BC has some radicals on staff who would put pressure on WPL as well as GDF if they went this route.

blist said...

JBQ, You make the assumption that we agree with you that Title IX is bad. Title IX has been fantastic - I'm biased, because I'm the father of two girls, but that women's world cup team was pretty darned entertaining. Thank you, Title IX.
Perhaps your lack of quotation marks means you're being sarcastic?

Mike said...

Nah Title IX sucks. I'm with JBQ for once. It ruins the opportunity for plenty of good men's sports and it's a damn shame.

mod10aeagle said...

Yeah, and after all, Mike's entertainment is much more important and consistent with the mission of any university (especially a Jesuit one) than creating opportunities for young women to ... yeah, nevermind.

Walter said...

Title IX is a great thing. We have plenty of men's sports as it is, we don't need more, and certainly not lacrosse.

Anyway, I take issue with this:
"If BC could afford to pay two head coaches in 2009 (Spaz and Jags), then BC can afford to pay two head coaches in 2012."

That is a huge assumption. How are we ever going to afford a top caliber coach if we're doling out, oh, you know, a cool million to a coach who isn't even coaching us?

Big Jack Krack said...

Especially if our revenue is dwindling down as we race to reach the bottom.

Actually, we are very close to being there now - and I know that we do not aspire to be the laughingstock of FBS.

Hot off the press - Inside the ACC.

The Duke Blue Devils don't seem to mind that their two-game winning streak has come against two of the worst teams in the Bowl Subdivision - Boston College and Tullane.

Thanks Spaz and company - the ride to the bottom reminds us of the Red Sux.

Please show us something different on Saturday and attempt to win the game with the "Old College Try" attitude.

And don't get suckered in by Wake trick plays.

matthew2 said...

Title IX is good in theory, and has positively affected many female athletes.

However, there's also the fact that girls who have never played sports (and to a lesser degree. girls that you wouldn't think of as "college athletes") are being given scholarships in some places simply because they need to match the men and use up that money.

Some of the consequences of title IX are shameful, and the rule should have been designed better.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Can the Big East be saved? If Mizzou goes to the SEC, the Big 12 will have 8 teams left. A Tex. newspaper says that the Big 12 may take TCU, WVU, CINNCY and Louisville thus leaving the Big East with only 3 in football. It could be lights out. However there may be a remedy available.If the Big East employs the unethical and scurrillous tactic that it used against BC, it could extend it's existence. Pass an ex-post facto rule raising the exit conditions by 5 fold [The BE raised the exit fee for BC from $1 mil to $5mil.] Any school that voted for the ex post facto increase for BC may be barred from claiming injury for the latest change.(waiver=laches) A Rhode Island judge could enjoin all conference members from challenging the new exit requirements. 5 times the present exit fee would be $25 mil and 5 times the notice period would be 135 months. If all remaining schools vote in the Big East league you still may have 11 votes available. (11 are not exiting). So, 11 votes could save the Big East.

bostonfoodie said...

Great Article on in SI about Wisconsin's offense playing to its (Big OLine) strength.

I'd love for us to take a good look at their OC, Chryst, who knows how to run an offense built off of a strong dominant offensive line and slower skill players.

Erik said...
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