Monday, October 17, 2011

3 PM Kickoffs are the new thing and other links

BC's game with Maryland will be another 3 PM kickoff shown on a regional sports network (probably the same one that showed Clemson and Wake Forest). As I've said, I will take a hard to find, weirdly timed TV game over an internet game any day. The good news is that the "fifth" ACC game on a Saturday is now televised at all. Previously that had been the domain of I imagine this related to the ACC's relationship with ESPN. Whether these are now contracted to be aired (although they weren't aired last season) or ESPN is pressuring "ACC Network" affiliates to carry games, it is a win for BC. I think we'll see a few more 3 PM kickoffs before the season is over.

As BCI mentioned, we are underdogs against the Hokies again and haven't been that good against the spread when playing Beamer's guys.

We are at the bottom of the ACC power rankings.


Big Jack Krack said...

Okay - let's see some adjustments and some positive energy on the field in Blacksburg.

It seems as though Coach Spaziani could have spun this a little differently in the Herald - “I think Chase has made a lot of improvement in his decision making, leadership, his game presence and running the game and getting us into the plays we want to be in,” said Spaziani. “He certainly is not a finished product and he does have some reads at times that are not what we would like.”

We understand that our true sophmore QB is not a finished product and that he will make some mistakes. Our HC doesn't have to say that for publication.

In other words - "He's close, but he's far away." Therefore, don't expect too much.

Let's go coaches - we can do better than this!

dixieagle said...

Spaz is such a de-motivator; he sucks more life out of the program every time he opens his mouth.

Danny Boy said...

What he should be saying is, "the second coming of Flutie himself would be having trouble making reads with the approximately 1.2 seconds of protection our line is giving him. That is on me and my staff for failing to come up with a scheme that allows our o-line to offer even a modicum of protection."

Big Jack Krack said...

Danny Boy - you are right on!!!!

Dixie - I have no inside information at all, but I would imagine that 19-22 year olds get sick of the boo hoo - not-my-fault attitude continuously exhibited by the HC.

I met the wife of a former coach last week - now on a certain staff in Raleigh - and this lady expressed what a nice guy Spaziani is (in a diplomatic way she took a much different view of Napoleon DeFilippo - "Will he survive this negative publicity and defame he has brought to BC, etc.?)

Now if Spaziani is such a nice guy, wouldn't the BC Administration invest some time and effort into training this guy on his public image; train him on speaking on the record, etc. - how to handle the media - how to praise and encourage his players publicly?

Secondly, being a nice guy is not translating into anything positive at BC Football right now.

John said...

Beamer is a nice guy to a point, and therefore won't roll it up too badly. VT 42 to 14.

Kelly on the other hand will go for 60 in South Bend if he can get away with it.

This could be 1992 all over again and 1993 ain't coming back anytime real soon.

I fear for my school - so sad to see what these bums are doing to it.

mod34b said...

BigJack -- Retrain Spaz? I think not. This guy is not capable of being retrained, particularly his doofus maximus public persona

We need to get Spaz back together with Tranq on a golf course near Myrtle Beach. That would be progress.

As an aside, I was listening to WEEI and the voice of BC, Jon Meterparel, this a.m, and someone asked Meat if Spaz would be fired this year. Meat said, "No that is not happening this year."

What!!! I do not know if Meat is simply an ass kisser who is selling the party line or if he was serious!

I'm Keith said...

I know people on here want GDF fired ... but reading stories like this make me realize that what BC did in 2003, chosing to leave the Big East for the ACC, was one of the most wise decisions in the history of the athletics department. We joined in 2005 and as a result, don't have to deal with on-going nonsense like this.

hsk said...

Saturday morning I attempted to have some nice relaxing time to myself, reading the Sat. sports section of my Northern NJ newspaper. Unfortunately I came across some crap that left me with some unpleasant thoughts. Every Sat. during football season one of the sports writers has a "10 burning questions in college football" section. One of the questions this week was "How much of a hot seat is Boston College coach Frank Spaziani sitting on?" His answer; "Not as hot as you might think. The administration, seeking stability with Spaziani being its third coach in five seasons, is behind him, and many are blaming former coach Jeff Jagodzinski for his bad recruiting." I read this after my son reported to me that a BC recruiter was at our High School attempting to lure a particular athlete, and the students were laughing at him and saying that BC needed to get their act together. So, ever to excel we have to hope that "stability" will be our cure. We have some sad years ahead of us.

janebc said...

As an alumni, I have been a devoted fan of our football team for more years than I care to count, and while I cannot speak for anyone else, I will view the retention of this out-dated, unmotivated coach for another year as the equivalent of the Boston College administration effectively thumbing its nose at the fanbase. If the toleration of the whims and the will of Czar Gene DiFillippo is more important than the quality of the programs and the desire of the players, fans, and alumni for a competitive football team, not only will our football team will to decline, but, I suspect contributions to the university as a whole will decline as well.

mod34b said...

Jane - nice point. I always kind of assumed that rational minds would see that Spaz must go, but I am doubting that obvious bit of common wisdom. I keep hearing that maybe GDF has a different agenda and will retain Spaz.

Instead of rational minds, we will have "rationalizing" minds to give us a smoke screen (like Blauds' article that BC at 1-5 ain't so bad) Why: my guess the need to retain Spaz is to hide GDF's errors in hiring and extending Spaz. The recent application for medical red shirts will be Exhibit "A" in the sob story (and lie) of "we tried our best, but an off year happens every so often."

Suffice it to say, if Spaz stays, fans will leave in droves. No one who knows our great football traditions will accept this crap for one more season.

matthew2 said...

I consider the readers of this blog to be (some of) the best football fans we have. If multiple people on here are talking about not renewing tickets and donating to the Flynn fund, this is a bad situation.

I will always buy season tickets while I am located in the Northeast, no matter what. But we are certainly not attracting the common fan. Only addicts are sticking to this team, and even some of us are quitting. Even Big Jack is canceling plans.

I've always been a college basketball guy. At least THAT program is going in the right direction. And I see nothing but success for them in the next decade.

Let's hope that the hockey team continues to shine, and the baseball team makes progress with the new stadium on the way.

But we all know that football is the most visible sport, and we need to right that ship in the next few years. We're going to fall further and hit rock bottom before we climb again... but the ACC leaves room to climb quickly. We need a coach like Donahue or York for the football program. (Yes, I think Donahue will be here for double digit years.)

Cheers folks... it's going to be a painful next couple of weeks.

Walter said...

In the last year, Boston College is 5-0 after it has attained its 5th loss.

Ever to Excel guys.

Walter said...

(In the regular season obviously).

BCDoubleEagle said...

I'll be interested to see how much hotter Spaz's seat gets after the Notre Dame loss, since that's the only game that so many of our "fans" pay attention to. Maybe then GDF will get a few emails.

AlbanyEagle said...

Good point, Double.

That game is starting to hurt already, and it's weeks away.

Darius said...

Walter, statistics are silly. You could also look back and say 2 of the last 3 times BC started 1-5, we won our next game. But then you could also say that going all the way back to the 1894 campaign, BC has NEVER, after a 1-5 start, won its 7th game against an opponent other than Army.