Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mizzou move good news for ACC and other links

While the ACC has come out stronger in the latest expansion shuffle, there was still the 14th SEC slot hanging out there waiting to be filled. If the ACC lost one of its teams to the SEC, it would have a ripple effect that would impact BC. Now it looks like Missouri is finally SEC bound. That should leave the ACC as is for at least another round of TV contracts. It also means no UConn and no Notre Dame in the ACC for now. I expect that once the SEC is officially done (for now), the revised ACC-ESPN TV deal will be announced.

Former Eagle Anthony DiCosmo is now a Vice President with Nickelodeon. Glad to see him doing well. I can't even imagine the hype that would have surrounded him had internet recruiting existed in the 1990s. He was a huge talent.

I see what Heights and Lows did here. They talk about our history with Virginia Tech and where it falls in the new conference and make a slightly passive suggestion that Pitt and VT should have a cross division game instead of BC. They use geography as an excuse. Why not just say it plainly: we don't want to play Virginia Tech every year! I am on board with that.


Erik said...

Coz was also a great jumper for BC T&F.

Scott said...

I think Lilly was the great jumper. Dicos was our biggest WR recruit in 20 years, and a fine player, but never really put in a system that could use a big physical WR.

Scott said...

Of course the ACC & ESPN will start negotiations for a revised deal, and I suspect they'll agree to material terms rather quickly.

But I'm sure ESPN/ABC will use this opportunity to ballpark new numbers, branding, distribution opportunities to steal ND from NBC ... along with the ideal 16th member (PSU, over UCONN).

Those numbers will surpass the Pac 12, and should contain a MFN adjustment to keep the ACC in line with the SEC.

Once the dust settles with an enhanced SEC 14, ACC 16, and Pac 12 ... and a diminished Big 12 & RIP Big East, it will be time to redo bowl arrangements. The ACC should get a huge, huge boost in quality and position.

chicagofire1871 said...

While playing Vtech every year has been tough and it sucks watching WF get a gimme vs. Duke every season, do we really want another gimme game? Sure it pads the schedule, but playing good teams makes you better. I'd rather just have a 9 game conference sched w/o cross divisional rivalries. That way we play everyone more often.

Leather D said...

I'd like to see BC move to the Coastal and both 'Cuse and Pitt into the Atlantic.

Lenny Sienko said...

Until we #fireSpaz and #fireGDF, BC is the "gimme game"

I'm not saying we can't get recover; but I have no faith that Spaz is going anywhere soon. Hope I'm wrong; but GDF and Fr. Leahy are crazy stubborn.

Big Jack Krack said...

Even crazy stubborn people have to take note of 1 and 11 and major disarray.

I know that there has been mention that we are again trending towards a bad recruiting year. That will make 5 or 6 in a row, if I'm not mistaken - at least in terms of depth.

What do we want to be, Fr. Leahy? I'll tell you what we want - to be competitive and proud with a strong chance to win our Division every year - attaining that goal often enough. That is not a stretch goal - it's an attainable goal. STABILITY at a high level. EVER TO EXCEL!!! Is it an empty motto?

We do not want to be the laughingstock of college football - thank you very much.

This will be the last year you get away with keeping your head in the sand!!!

Darius said...

Lobbying efforts of bloggers aside, I assumed it was just conventional wisdom that our cross-division rival would change from VT to Syracuse once they joined the ACC. VT and Pitt making sense as a pairing just adds credibility to that notion.

Big Jack Krack said...

Darius - I would also like to see us play Georgia Tech annually somehow.

The Boston-Atlanta trip is pretty interesting, I think. Both major cities with emphasis on major league teams.

I once thought that the (in)famous Fenway Sports Group would influence that idea to schedule a college game to coincide with a pro game the next day, etc. Include baseball as well early in the football season - although I guess interleague play is long over by then.

Nothing against Clemson at all, but if the league switched those two teams I would be personally fine with it.

mod34b said...

Big Jack -- a lingo suggestion.

Instead of saying 1-11, go with 0-10 against FBS competition.

In other words, BC is completely non-competitive in FBS football.

Quite a fall from grace from our brief visit at #2 in the nation in 2007.
GDF, are you not concerned? if not, we will send some men in white coats to your office to cart you away to the funny farm! (where you can be reunited with Jags and Tranq)

NEDofSavinHill said...

Scott's on target. But what if NBC wants to keep ND and expand? Could Nbc get ND and Penn St. to form a new conference? Then have the ACC dissolve. All 12 Acc teams join the new conference along with Navy and Army. NBC arees to pay each team 20 million for the tv rights . Surpassing ESPN by 2 or 3 million. This arrangemebt avoids taking any Big East teams and thus escapes possible anti trust claims by the left behind BE schools. Remember " Espn told us what to do" could be construed as a deliberate attemt to underminne the viability of the BE to the financial advantage of Espn and the Acc. Liability may exist against both parties under the present structure.Gdf would have to go as it looks like he was intimately involved in this problematic combination. BC sports always functioned best when BC athletes were running the program.( Flynn and Gladchuck) Replace Gdf with York. Let him perform both as AD abd coach.Give him a 100G raise. BC would save a million a year. When Couglinn left BC for the Nfl he was paid 300G a year. Gladchuk's pay was likely 100G per year. How did Gdf turn a 100G job into a one $million job in 15 years.

JBQ said...

The one mill contract would have to be a long-term one which means that he has "one foot in stone" and there is no way that BC could afford to pay him off especially with the other contracts being paid off. Kind of clever if you think about it.

Sandy said...

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