Thursday, October 06, 2011

BC-Clemson preview

For the first time since I've been blogging, I really don't feel like BC can win this game. We've been underdogs many times, but there was always a part of me that felt "if X happens and Y can do this, and they screw up..." Not this time. For an underdog to have a chance you need a coach who believes and designs a gameplan that can exploit the other team. I don't see it this week, especially without Montel Harris.

Overlooked storyline for the game: the midseason replacement
Although some are calling for it, I don't expect Spaz to get fired midseason. If BC makes a change, it shouldn't be until after the season is over. If you want an example of why you don't make a change midseason, you need only to look across the field. Dabo Swinney was an interim who did well enough to keep the job. While that seems like a great thing now, I feel like Clemson would have been better served to follow a process and look beyond Tommy Bowden's staff. (And even though things are humming now, I don't think Dabo is a great coach who will deliver every year.)

Three Simple Keys
1. Play fast. This might be totally counter intuitive given that Clemson wants to play uptempo, but I think if we came out in a shotgun, no huddle offense, it would surprise them, put Rettig in a rhythm and take pressure off of our OL.
2. Make Boyd run. Is anyone else sick of watching teams kill us with bubble screens? Let's press a little in coverage and rush the passer. I know he can run, but I think that is less dangerous than getting picked apart again.
3. Get the ball to Kimble and Finch in space. We cannot consistently execute a screen pass, but I still think we should get the ball to Kimble and Finch in the passing game. Both have the chance to break something.

Gambling Notes
-- Spaz is 4-4 in ACC road games
-- BC is 2-3-1 in Clemson all time
-- Clemson hasn't started a season 6-0 since 2000
The current line is BC+21

Current Clemson Offensive Coordinator Chad Morris was visited by Jeff Jagodzinski when Morris was still coaching high school football in Texas.

Scoreboard Watching
Central Michigan at NC State. NC State might be our last chance at win No. 2. Let's see if they play down to their MAC opponent. If they struggle, it might provide BC with a little hope.

I hope to see...
BC keep Clemson out of the endzone. Like 2009, I think this might be one of those games where they attempt a lot of field goals.

BC is in trouble if…
Clemson scores in the 30s. Even if Spaz agrees with me and we go uptempo, I don't think we can score more than 28.

Bottom Line
I want to win. I want to win in the worst way. I know the danger in a strong second half is that we might not fire Spaz, but that doesn't matter to me at this point. These games have become painful and dull. It would be nice to have BC feel real again for a game or two. As much as I hope though, I don't see it. I think Clemson runs away with this game.
Final Score: Clemson 42, BC 10


mod34b said...

They said you could never do it, but you have (and as blow out too), and justifiably so:

"Final Score: Clemson 42, BC 10"

blist said...

ATL, never thought I;d see the day....
Here's what will happen
BC 19, Clemson 17.
One offense score (quigley FG), two pick 6s (Keuchly, Hampton Hughes) and a sack. Clemson screws up all day and makes a bunch of foolish penalties. Then, to ruin our fun, GDF immediately gives Spaz a three year extension.

Erik said...

We'd need Clemson to turn it over 5 times, and for us to find a way to minimize total possessions and total plays.

About Five said...

Your Dabo comments are getting weaker. Now it's he can't do it every year. If he keeps getting better and continues to use what he is good at and the asset Clemson, they earn genius status versus a RichRod or so many of the right kinda guys that a school thinks it deserves, or the NFL stepping stone resume builders.

Agree there is not a remotely possible senario BC wins. No matter what the game plan. Is next year going to be any better whenClemson comes to the Heights? Ugh!

blist said...

meant Freese FG, and safety in the endzone, obviously.

janebc said...

Speaking as a BC fan deprived of all hope by GDF's ruination of our program, I can envision only one way we win this game: if a victory is used to somehow justify another year of horrible suffering under Spaz. I can only hope for the future for my beloved Eagles.

eagleboston said...

Totally disagree with you about Dabo. He is the real deal.

But, I do agree with you that BC will get blown out Saturday a la 2009, although I'm shocked that you are picking a BC loss

Big Jack Krack said...

Eagleboston - our defense played pretty well in 2009. Clemson failed to get an offensive TD - they got one kickoff runback and 5 field goals.

We were terrible on offense - plus two lightening delays - it was a mess.

Tomorrow, Clemson WILL score on offense and they are healthy. Boyd might kill us all by himself.

Two teams going in opposite directions. Our win last year will be a distant memory.

I just hope that we can put some points on the board somehow to keep it interesting for awhile.

Go BC - shock us all.

Rob said...

Spaz isn't the right coach and the program will languish while he's around, but a young QB against the cushion and a Clemson let down game after two wins will play right into Spaz's hands. We win a close, turnover filled, game. 20-17 BC. Go Eagles!

Mario Rigatoni said...

I almost just spit out my pasta sauce. 42-10!