Friday, October 07, 2011

Blame game

Gene is now in full on blame mode and lowering expectations. He says everyone but Virginia Tech has an off year and although he is not quoted directly, I imagine someone from BC provide the Globe with the line of thinking that Jags' recruiting is the issue. We will hear this more and more in the coming weeks. But like the gambling scandal long ago, blaming someone else and using past coaches for current issues is lame. If you hear anyone say this season is not Spaz's responsibility ask the following questions:

1. Is Spaz doing a good job with the talent he has?
2. Are Spaz's gameplans maximizing our talent and our chance to win?
3. Is Spaz managing his staff well, specifically at Offensive Coordinator and offensive line?
4. Do you think BC should beat fellow private schools like Northwestern, Duke and Wake Forest at home?

Then if the Spaz apologists continue with the talent/recruiting issue ask these simple questions:
1. If Jags recruiting was an issue, why do we still have the same recruiting coordinator?
2. Are you satisfied with Spaz's recruiting efforts and trends?

Finally the simple question for anyone still defending this mess:
1. Do you think Spaz will lead us back to an ACC championship?

Things are bad and there are several people and things to blame for our current situation. But we could go a long way towards fixing many of the problems with the right head coach. Spaz is not that guy.


Big Jack Krack said...

I am sick of the whining and I am appalled. I have never seen this type of thing and it doesn't make any sense. Move forward with pride, you morons.

I expect better from my Alma Mater than constant "lack, loss, limitation". What a source of irritation and Gene and company are really embarrassing Boston College now in their public blame game.

Hey Gene - go back to Springfield - it is time for you to go. You are truly a disgrace and I can see why some people at BC refer to you as a slime ball.

mod34b said...

GDF is a PR fool.

Recall how he was all thumbs with the Jags demise. GDF had no clue about when to shut up and just let the situation play out. Instead, he mis-handled -- ok, badly mangled -- the Jags sitution and embarrassed BC -- which still is shoved in BC's face to date.

And, yet, here we go again.

Instead of sitting back in silence -- as almost every AD in FBS in this situation would do -- GDF is getting out there f**king up everything all over again. He is making ridiculous excuses for Spaz (really excuses for himself in making such a poor choice in Spaz) and preposterous statements such as:

"The Eagles are in a rough patch right now, and it might get worse before it gets better, but Spaziani and DeFilippo think the program is headed in the right direction"

REALLY -- the "program is headed in the right direction" No GDF, we are in the toilet bowl right now hoping someone does not hit flush.

Note to GDF: sit down and shut up. If nothing else, YOU will look better come December when you swing the axe.

About Five said...

Trying to put the blame on Jags is not close to credible. Even if Gene tried to add that Gene's ego allowed him to be fooled into believing Jags, other than as Gene's golfing buddy, was the best choice

Gene has no honor. This is not new news. So when BC adminstrators are allowed to try and mislead us, what does that say for the President and the trustees. Have some honor and send Gene on his merry way. Soon.

mod10aeagle said...

The question I would like an answer to is what evidence is there that Spaz and his current staff are the right guys to fix what's broken? Show me their recruiting records, show me player development/improvement, show me overcoming talent deficits through creativity.

Excuses, any excuses, no matter how valid or lame, make for a really weak recruiting pitch. If we can't recruit, we can't improve.

canttakeit said...

Never ever a Jags fan. I thought that hiring was a joke. That first season was nothing more than what TOB probably would have done with the weapons available,thought he probably would have run the ball against FSU and beaten them but lost to some lesser team. The records and lack of championship would have been about the same. That said-Many of Jags' recuits are no longer with the school, yes, some played right away and left in four years other left because of the coaching change-yes, others flunked or got thown out. Those are not on Jags, they are on Spaz. Everone came down on Skinner when a kid got in trouble. How did all these kids fall off their academics or get into trouble or just want to transfer under Spaz.

JD BC90 said...

I am thoroughly disgusted with this organized defense of the indefensible by BC officials. What they are doing is dishonest, shameful and disgraceful.

I'll say it again, they are doing damage to the school and to the student athletes by doubling, and now tripling, down on an absolutely stupid series of decisions 3 years ago. No one was acting in BC's best interest then and no one is doing it now.

I do not trust a thing that GDF says on this subject and my cynical guess is that he is trying to throw water on the angry masses for the time being with a wink and a nod that a coaching change is possible after the season. But then, surprise surprise, after the season, there will be no move other than maybe an assistant coach or two. Unacceptable.

Spaz and Gene are joined at the hip on this sinking ship so it is important to keep the pressure on. Spaz cannot, absolutely cannot, continue as the coach of this team. If Gene doesn't make the move then he can go down right along with him. His choice.

BC is bigger than both of these clowns and, despite the self serving bunker/excuse machine they have created for themselves, GDF and Spaz will lose this battle with BC and be banished in shame.

Hope they enjoy their millions while many of the students in the stands and their families are struggling to make tuition. The students, athletes, alums and fans deserve better than this embarrassing mess.

Evertosmell said...

Let's put the blame where it belongs. It is on the person who hired Jag and Spaz. Let's put the blame for this year's team where it belongs, on the third year coach, Spaz.

No college in America would accept falling from number two in the nation to the present state without figuring out that it was caused by the coaching. If BC could get the talent to be in the top twenty year after year, it still has that talent.

You can't have an old coach with no track record of winning and expect anything to come from it other than mediocrity.

Ask yourself this question Bobo, do you ever see BC as a top twenty team with Spaz? BC can be a great football team but it needs a great young coach who has been with a winner and knows how to inspire the players and win.

chicagofire1871 said...

"Spaziani and DeFilippo think the program is headed in the right direction."

And Willie Green had to miss the Miami game 'cause he was spoking pot. GDF, pass it this way brah!

Sarum80 said...

The biggest issue facing us right now is do we let GDF hire the next coach? If not then we need to fire him right now so that the AD search can be over before the end of the season. Ohterwise we are either stuck with Spaz one more year while we replace GDF or we are letting GDF hire the next head coach. And his track record on hiring football coaches is not good!

Mike said...


Andrew S. said...

Awesome, looks like GDF will refuse to acknowledge this mess (a new excuse will be trotted out year after year) while simultaneously stoking the hostility of alumni and fans.

This is the type of situation where everyone loses. I'd rather not have a "told you so" card to hold in a few years when GDF feels he's compelled to replace Spaz on his own timeline. I'd rather not feel compelled stop helping the Flynn Fund or renewing tickets.

I'm Keith said...

There is ZERO chance of a coaching change after this season mercifully ends. At least that's what I've gathered from reading that article.

Knucklehead said...

Jags is part of the problem. It is good that he is gone. Most of his players are gone due to something other than graduation. If he stayed here there would have been some type of major problem because the players he recruited were not of the same ilk as the previous regime.

Boston College cannot obtain 4-5 star talent across the board, it will not accept poor graduation rates, it will not accept discipline problems with its players. The only type of coach who can be successful at BC is one who is disciplined, demands success, and can recuit to the players parents. None of these are happening with this coaching staff.

In the B. Globe Coach Spaz was recently quoted as calling Duece Finch "UNO." A true, experienced, professional head coach would not make a cmomment like the one above. The comment undermines the student athlete at his most basic level, his name. Plus he is the only running back left on the depth chart!! The comment also shows a proclivity towards sarcasm and negativity. Neither of these attributes help build success. They only undermine it. (See the last four years downward trend in everyhting positive related to Boston College football . . . Wins, Bowl streak, Players going the NFL ETC ETC.) This quote is a microcosm of the problem with the Boston College football program. The quote comes from the "leader " of the program. Something just isn't right with Spaz' as a leader.

Knucklehead said...

We need to hire Chet Gladchuck as a "Human Resources Consultant" to GDF. Chet can specialize in hiring head coaches. He hired York, TOB, Skinner, and Inglese.

JBQ said...

If GDF does not "stay above the fray", then when the "Titanic sinks", he will be like every good captain and "go down with the ship".

JD BC90 said...

Globe and GDF go full propaganda and delete the comments from the original Blauds article.

What dissent ?