Monday, October 31, 2011

Kickoff time for NC State and other links

BC's final home game of the season will be a 12:30 kickoff and carried regionally on the ACC Network. It might also might be the last time Spaz and TOB are on the same field together!

The ACC named Finch its offensive back of the week. Things used to be simpler when there were just players of the week. Duece would have won it most weeks with that sort of game.

Maryland fans are getting some well-deserved criticism for the poor showing on Saturday.

Here is the ACC's preview of BC basketball.

The weekend was a good one for the hockey team as they remain undefeated in Hockey East play.


mod34b said...

Glad to see some mention of the pathetic efforts by MD fans to support the team.

But also funny to see from how ripped the fans are about the new MD AD and Edsall...they seems to want to fire everyone and bring the Fridge back.

neenan said...

The depth chart is out for FSU.

Offense is exactly the same as last week.

On defense, same too. Jim Noel is not hurt (he is still starting). Conor O'Neal is not hurt any longer (was he out?). Dillon Quinnis still MIA. KPL remains hurt. Looks like Taj Kimble may be hurt too. (not listed as second punt returner)

here is to O and the D:


WR 83 Alex Amidon (5-11, 185, So.)
14 Johnathan Coleman (6-4, 208, So.)

WR 10 Bobby Swigert (6-1, 184, So.)
7 Spiffy Evans (6-0, 173, Fr.)

WR 1 Colin Larmond, Jr. (6-3, 202, Jr.)
30 Donte Elliott (6-0, 195, Jr.)

LT 73 John Wetzel (6-8, 303, Jr.)
70 Aaron Kramer (6-7, 296, R-Fr.)

LG 76 Bobby Vardaro (6-5, 301, R-Fr.)
60 Bryan Davis (6-3, 290, So.)

C 69 Mark Spinney (6-4, 282, Sr.)
59 Andy Gallik (6-3, 284, R-Fr.)

RG 62 Ian White (6-5, 288, So.)
64 Harris Williams (6-4, 298, R-Fr.)

RT 77 Emmett Cleary (6-7, 300, Jr.)
67 Seth Betancourt (6-6, 304, R-Fr.)

TE 81 Chris Pantale (6-6, 251, Jr.)
87 Lars Anderson (6-3, 236, Sr.)

QB 11 Chase Rettig (6-3, 212, So.)
15 Dave Shinskie (6-4, 220, Jr.)

RB 28 Rolandan Finch (5-10, 209, So.)
44 Andre Williams (6-0, 222, So.)


DE 56 Max Holloway (6-2, 253, Jr.)
45 Mehdi Abdesmad (6-6, 264, Fr.)

LT 95 Dominic Appiah (6-5, 286, R-Fr.)
97 Conor O’Neal (6-3, 299, Jr.)

RT 98 Max Ricci (6-4, 330, Fr.)
65 Jaryd Rudolph (6-4, 295, So.)

DE 91 Kasim Edebali (6-2, 248, So.)
99 Brian Mihalik (6-8, 233, Fr.)

SLB 49 Steele Divitto (6-3, 225, So.)
54 Nick Clancy (6-3, 237, Jr.)

MLB 40 Luke Kuechly (6-3, 235, Jr.)
50 Will Thompson (6-1, 236, Sr.)

WLB 34 Sean Duggan (6-4, 215, Fr.)
35 Andre Lawrence (6-1, 224, So.)

FC 4 Donnie Fletcher (6-1, 195, Sr.)
5 Al Louis-Jean, Jr. (6-2, 183, Fr.)

SS 47 Spenser Rositano (6-1, 200, Fr.)
9 Dominique Williams (6-0, 209, R-Fr.)

FS 37 Hampton Hughes (6-3, 200, Jr.)
19 Sean Sylvia (6-0, 196, R-Fr.)

BC 23 Jim Noel (6-4, 185, Jr.)
21 Manny Asprilla (5-10, 170, Fr.)

Big Jack Krack said...

Wish we had KPL - with all due respect to the other LBs. I wonder if he was hurt when he blasted the VT QB and knocked him out of bounda.

The VT QB is about 50 pounds bigger than KPL!

Ry said...

Saw DQ in lower during this week's he obviously didn't even make the trip.

eagleboston said...

Wow, looking at the 2-deep, it really hits you how young this team is. Only 1 senior starter on each unit plus Quigley. They should be good in a couple years, especially if a miracle occurs and they get a decent coach.

Big Jack Krack said...

We're so young (youngest in the ACC?)that we could play a fun futures game - especially with a very good recruiting class coming in, and some new coaches.

I have heard the recruiting class isn't shaping up all that well (what's that - 5 or 6 sub-BC recruiting years in a row?)and who knows what the coaching situation will be.

It's good to hope anyway.

Big Jack Krack said...

As an example - Defensive Line.

Holloway and Edebali will be starters or heavy contributors for their 3rd year. That's pretty good experience. They could be beaten out or really pushed by Abdesmad and Mihalik.

Think about that. If the two young DE's develop, get stronger and learn better technique, etc - BC will finally have 2 huge defensive ends - instead of our usual 6'2" or 6'3", 250 pounds; we'll have 6'6" 270 and 6'8" maybe 260 (by next season). This will give the coaches some good options. I know that Albright was 6'5", but most of our DE's were/are shorter since Kiwi.

If Ramsey comes back healthy, we'll have a pretty good interior group as well, with some depth. Fresh legs on the DL are always good.

Appiah should only get better and if Ricci can develop - these guys can team with O'Neal, Quinn, Rudolph and/or Bryan Murray
to be pretty darned good. Obviously they need to be super dedicated and develop their potential, but the possibility is there to stuff the middle - and get pressure on the QB.

Freshman Kieran Borcich might turn out to be pretty tough as well (even though his parents are doctors :-)ha ha, and he'll put on some beef. Let's not forget Connor Wujciak; don't know much about Matt Murphy.

The future DL for 2012 could be pretty good.

EL MIZ said...

BJK -- the BC recruiting class looks pretty similar to previous years, albeit a tad smaller given how big the classes were in 2010 (21 commits) and 2011 (23 commits). so far BC has 14 commits, and most are in the normal range of rating by the recruiting services (mostly 2-3 star guys).

there is a URL, sorry i don't know how to link.

we should get some much needed help on the o-line with frank grant (only 4-star commit; 6'3 285 offensive guard from PA described as a "dominant run blocker" but has played tackle in HS), win homer (3 stars, 6'5 250 who figures to be a tackle), and jim cashman (3 stars, 6'6 270). also, sam grant (6'5, 230 TE) is described as more of a run blocker than a receiver, while dan crimmins (3 stars, 6'5, 215) is more of a receiving TE. three linebackers, two wide receivers, a running back, a safety, and a handful of other guys. you can never tell with the recruiting ratings but hopefully we get a few players.

if grant is really a mauler we should start him next year and return to a ground and pound running game with finch and kimble.

mod10aeagle said...

This is the line that really jumps out from the hoops preview: "the team's leading returning scorer, guard Danny Rubin averaged 4.1 points and 1.6 rebounds in 29 games". Yikes.

I know we're rebuilding and really young, but that sums it all up right there.

Bravesbill said...

Having Rubin as your returning top scorer is pretty scary. Also, the best name ever is Spiffy Evans.

JBQ said...

Unfortunately, you have to be "blind and deaf" not to see what is shaping up. The claims are being made that BC has a young team that is starting to jell. Brian Kelly got in all kinds of hot water for making the same claim. These players belong to Spaziani and he deserves a chance to win with the environment that he is creating. I believe that the administration is already buying into that logic and the "Frank" man will be back on the sidelines next year. That will be year four of a five year contract plus the two year extension. Sad but true!

Big Jack Krack said...

How long was Syracuse down? 6 or 7 years, and they are just now coming back slowly.

That's what happens when you have the wrong AD and the wrong HC.

Thanks Gene - what a guy.

canttakeit said...


You are right. Spaz will be back.

Does antone know why Cahil was not invited back

Lenny Sienko said...

Can anyone give some detail on yesterday's "secret scrimmage" with Seton Hall--men's basketball?

Big Jack Krack said...

Sorry Lenny - I don't have any.

11/1 BC Injury Report

By Heather Dinich

Here is BC's full injury report for the Thursday night game against Florida State:


WR Ifeanyi Momah (knee)

DB CJ Jones (knee)

DT Connor Wujciak (shoulder)

RB Montel Harris (knee)

DT Kaleb Ramsey (foot)

OG Nate Richman (head)

RB Tahj Kimble (head)


LB Kevin Pierre-Louis (leg)


CB Jim Noel (ankle)

RB Andre Williams (abdomen)

Question - re: Richman and Kimble - Head.

What does that mean? I hope it's not attitude. Previously Richman's injury was "back" and I'm not sure what Kimble's injury was.

If Williams can't go, it's Uno/Deuce all the way. That's asking an awful lot against FSU.

neenan said...

Jack - I believe that "OG Nate Richman (head)" means Richman is a "head case" -- a faker. :-)

C'mon Richman already -- suit up and pound FSU!

admajoremdeigloriam said...

On the D-Line Matt Murphy is a 6'4" End who is the fastest lineman on the roster. Runs with the backers in practice. Only played two years of high school ball but has the athleticism to disrupt the backfield. With some added weigh could be another piece for the next few years.

Ry said...

I think I just figured it out, as I was watching Spaz's long-lost (and more sophisticated) brother Tony Sparano on Sportscenter. Spaz must be thinking the "Suck for Luck" thing applies to NCAA teams.

Joseph said...

Jimmy, you are a genuine jerk. You know nothing but decide to deride a hard working player who his fellow players trust enough to make captain. Richman was ruled by the team docs from playing because of a concussion from practise. My daughter is a student now and knows him. I wondered too what was going on but did not bother to insult him and the team with such nasty drivel until I was able to get the real story not just silly gossip..

neenan said...

Joseph -- Relax. It was a light hearted comment -- obviously.

But riddle me this. If Richman is out with a back injury, why is he practicing and getting a concussion?

janebc said...

I cannot believe that Spaz will be back. Another year of him, and this program will suffer very, very serious (read that-financial) long-term damage.