Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Hotseat blog still brutal on Spaz, Gene and other links

Our win against Maryland moved Spaz off the prime spot in the national Hotseatranking, but their blog is still pretty brutal in talking about BC.
Frank Spaziani is now just barely above the “I am average” line with an overall record of..

18 – 17

..in three seasons at BC….

But BC under Spaziani is…

10 – 11

…in ACC play and with these teams left on the 2011 schedule…

Florida State
NC State
At Notre Dame
At Miami

….there is a real chance that Boston College finishes with a record of…

3 – 9 overall
2 – 6 ACC play

….in 2011 but don’t forget at Boston College as long as you are kissing BC AD Gene DeFilippo’s ass you can hang onto your job no matter what your team does on the field of play!

I actually think how BC plays against FSU, Notre Dame and Miami will determine a lot. All three games are on national TV. Many of our casual fans will be seeing and hearing about BC for the first time in months. get stomped and Spaz starts drawing the ire of our casual fans BC might finally do something. I think that if we win any of those games, Spaz is safe for another year.

Hockey East honored Bill Arnold and Johnny Gaudreau for their strong starts in October.

If West Virginia successfully sues to leave the Big East, it would probably speed up the process for Pitt and Syracuse to join the ACC.

2013 tight end prospect Andrew Isaac's will also be at the game on Thursday night.


EL MIZ said...

great to see spaz and slick gene still drawing ire from that hot seat blog. anything to keep spaz's name in the news as a bad coach will hasten his inevitable demise.

unfortunately i am inclined to agree with you ATL. i think if spaz wins one of the FSU/ND/Miami games, he will keep his job with a putrid 3-9 season (maybe even 4-8 if he can win one of those games plus the NC State game).

the only thing that could prevent that would be a truly vocal and angry backlash from Gene's supporters and donors. if BC finishes 4-8 and Gene says spaz is safe, only to have season ticket committments and flynn fund donations plummet, he'll have no choice. someone's gotta fall on the sword and take the blame if the support for the program completely falls off the cliff.

finally, would be great to see WVU successfully sue the Big East and get Cuse/Pitt in the ACC sooner. no need to have them in limbo, and i think this means we could renegotiate the TV contract sooner (and start making whatever the higher yearly premium is).

mod34b said...

I don't think we can say Spaz is safe this year. Maybe if he beats FSU or ND AND has another win, he is more likely to be safe, but not truly safe. 4-8 is bad with losses to Duke, NU, UCF. If we beat NCSU and beat Miami, but lose and look non-competitive against FSU and ND, then odds are Spaz is out.

GDF is a rational business man. Sure everyone says he is this, that and the other thing. But he knows -- because he MUST know - that Spaz is a bad coach and has every incentive to can him.

[Of course, the counter to that is 'if GDF is raional, why did he give Spaz a 2-year extention?" ans: we do not know what the termination clause int he extension says]

EL MIZ said...

good point mod.

and even if Gene IS what we say he is (a slick, politicking, egomaniac), chances are he will can spaz as a way to deflect attention/blame/anger to someone other than him.

if the buyout of that extension is not favorable, i think spaz stays if he wins 2 out of the 4 remaining and isn't absolutely embarassed on national TV once. (if we beat NC state and miami, but are crushed 45-13 by FSU and lose to ND 31-17, i don't think there's anyway gene can spin that its worth keeping this guy).

NEDofSavinHill said...

Gdf is the worst ad in BC history and probably the worst in the nation(along with the Maryland ad). Both removed 9 and 10 win coaches and replaced them with 4 win coaches.The fish rots from the head down. Gdf is the fish . He has to go. Otherwise there is no hope.Does anyone expect Gdf to hire a good coach after going 0 for 20 years. Hopefully WVU which sued BC to prevent it from leaving thr Big East, now is suing to leave themselves will fail in this most hypocritical attempt. Was SWafford participating in the cash for clunkers program when he invited in Syr. and Pitt.into the Acc. Or was it the TARP program? The Acc got 2 Toxic assets out of the deal. 2 b-ball schools,Mediocre academics, poor football and declining demographics. Should the Acc fire SWafford? 18 months ago he negotiated a tv deal that paid 155 million per year. THe Pac 12 got a tv deal of 250 million per year. The Acc will get 1.2 billion less than the Pac 12 over the course of the contract. Each school in the Acc will recieve 100 million less than Pac 12 schools as the contract now stands. The Acc has been left completely at the mercy of Espn. The same Espn that shortchanged it of 1.2 billion Will the tv network now pay the Acc fair market value? I doubt it. Swafford was hoodwinked by Espn and lacks the ability to obtain parity with the Sec., Big 10 or Pac 12.

EL MIZ said...

ned -- a few points of contention:

a) who was the AD for BC who snuck us through the backdoor and into the ACC? Gene D. if it weren't for GDF's manuevering, we would be on the sinking ship that is the Big East. for that move alone, he made BC millions of dollars per year and saved us from being a floundering program in a dying conference, much like Uconn is now.

b) with the ACC adding 2 new teams, it can re-negotiate its deal with ESPN. so swofford will likely get a deal with ESPN that is comparable to the Pac 12.

c) the pac-12 got a deal for more money, true. but they also had 2 more teams than the ACC, so presumably more games in the TV package. not to mention, the last time an ACC team appeared in the national championship was 2001 (the U). since that time, the pac-10/12 has sent USC (in 2004 and 2005) and Oregon (in 2010). they have more teams, and better teams at that. perhaps that is why they got more money from TV, not b/c swofford is inept.

EL MIZ said...

also, the whole "he replaced a 9 win coach with a 4 win coach" is a tired and inaccurate argument. i hate to support Gene D, but lets face the facts: the VAST majority of BC fans were happy when TOB was let go. the consensus was he played boring, conservative football and we'd never contend for the ACC title with him and bible. we would lose at least one game per year that we were heavily favored in. while we may miss those days now with spaz, that was the consensus. lets not engage in revisionist history.

currently TOB is the coach of a team that may actually be worse than the current team we have! do we really wish he was back at the helm?

should we wish we still had jags? the great jags who was fired after being the OC of the tampa bucs for all of 4 PRE-season games. the great jags who was fired as coach of a UFL team and replaced with the CEO of ameritrade who had been out of football for 24 years?

we can lament how bad spaz is all we want, and ridicule gene for not doing a legitimate search after he fired jags, or for not hiring al golden or whoever wanted the job at the time, or for tweeting snide comments about BC fans when he does little to make the game day experience better. but can we please not wish for TOB (coach of a team which is tied with BC for last in the ACC) or for jags (out of football, nobody wants him).

JBQ said...

You have to look at reality and move on. TOB and Jags both did great things within their context. TOB with his Navy background came in to stabilize a floundering program with a gambling scandal. He did what he was supposed to do and then you replace him. However, give him credit for what he did. Jags became overly ambitious and didn't want to recruit. However, when was the last time BC was ranked number two in the country? Flutie was ranked number four. He went to the ACC Championship both years. Both years, the referees stuck it to BC. I believe that you have to say thank you to both TOB and Jags and then move on. Thank you TOB. Thank you Jags. You "done good". Now, let's raise the roof and bring in a young dynamic coach like Fitzgerald of NU.

Ry said...

We operate under the assumption that a lot of the Flynn Fund donors will withdraw their support in protest of a bad season under a bad AD and a bad coach. But do we have any real reason to believe this us the case? I tend to think that the greater impact will be on attendance. BC dudes who have been giving year after year are slow to pull back that support so quickly no matter how unhappy they ma be.

eagleboston said...

Elmer Fudd could have taken Matt Ryan's 2007 team to a #2 ranking.

However, I will give you that at least Jags was an aggressive coach. I loved his fake punts and field goals at the craziest times. However, his horrific recruiting made it unlikely that he would have sustained success if he stayed at BC.

canttakeit said...

El Miz

Gene did not sneak us into the ACC. He screwed it up at first and stumbled and bumbled our way into the conference. He got run over by VT and had us going nowhere for a year. Fr. Monan got us into the ACC

EL MIZ said...

cant take it -- interesting, care to elaborate? i've never heard anything about monan getting BC into the ACC.

Darius said...

Monan was always a great diplomat when heading BC, and has remained a solid and effective advocate for the school in the 15 years that have passed since he was president, but he was not the reason that BC is in the ACC.

I can't stand GDF, not least because of what he's done to the football program for the foreseeable future, but he didn't screw up the ACC thing. For an example of that, look to Cuse's Jake Crouthamel. He completely screwed the pooch on the whole deal.

I like Pat Fitzgerald, too, but two problems: (1) he's the consummate "NU Guy" the way that Gene talks about "BC Guys," and he's not going anywhere as long as NU will have him, and (2) he simply has not done for NU what you might expect a star linebacker to do, namely build a credible defense. It leads one to believe that whatever degree of offense-driven success he's had at the school has been largely due to other members of his staff.

As loathe to recruit as Jags may have been, he still did better at it than the current staff is. And it's only going to get worse on the recruiting front as the on-field results get uglier. The longer BC or GDF waits--literally every passing day--is that much deeper the program will sink, and that much further it will be before BC fields a truly competitive team again.