Thursday, November 10, 2011

BC-NC State preview

This will probably be TOB's last trip to Alumni Stadium in an official capacity. All the rumors are that he will retire either this year or next. I imagine that in five or six years (long after Gene is gone) BC will welcome back TOB in some sort of ceremony honoring his time at the Heights. I don't think it was a mistake to let him walk and I think he has had some missteps in how he spoke of BC since leaving, but at the end of the day he is still our winningest coach. He is far from perfect but history has shown, he was the right guy for the right time. I am sure he has hurt feelings and feels he never got the credit he deserved for what he accomplished at BC. In time I think both BC and TOB will look back and realize that it was a good fit for a long time.

Overlooked storyline for the game: the BC future of current NC State staffers
If TOB is nearing retirement the NC State guys may be looking for jobs real soon. Given their connections to BC and our potential staffing changes, I would predict that some of them will be back on the Heights again. Mike Reed never worked at BC, but I could see him coming back to Boston. Keith Willis and Jim Bridge both have their supporters around the program. Kit Hughes was very highly thought of for his time at BC. I don't see Don Horton, Dana Bible or Jerry Petercuskie coming back (mostly because of age). I also don't think Todd Rice would be anyone's first choice to lead a BC S&C program again.

Three Simple Keys
1. Stop NC State's short passing.
I fear this game could be like Duke where they bubble screen us to death. Bible likes the play and we still have trouble defending it.
2. Go with the Hot Hand at QB. I want Rettig to start. If he is playing well keep him out there. If we need a spark try Bordner. If Bordner plays well, let him keep playing. The in and out is terrible and doesn't help either QB or our offense.
3. Down field passing. I imagine State is going to load up to stop the run. There should be opportunities open downfield.

Gambling Notes
-- NC State has never won a game at Alumni
-- TOB is 1-3 vs BC
-- Spaz is 3-1 at home in November
The current line is BC+3.5

This will be the Senior Day for TOB's last BC recruits. Will Thompson, Dan Williams, Lars Anderson and Nate Richman all committed to BC while TOB was still in charge.

Scoreboard Watching
Notre Dame continues their ACC swing by taking on Maryland. They are heavy favorites. I expect them to throttle the Terps. If they struggle maybe we can look forward to our game with the Irish.

I hope to see...
A bounce back game for Finch. No one was really blaming him for the Florida State loss, but his fumble was a turning point. I think he's got good upside, so I hope he has a clean, productive game.

BC is in trouble if…
We can't get to Glennon. If he has all the time in the world, I expect them to put up big points and run away with the game.

Bottom Line
I actually think we will win this game. It's important to Spaz and Gene. We know how to prepare for Bible's offense. It's at home. We've had a longer week to prepare. There are many things in our favor. I also think that Spaz needs to win. He might be out of a job regardless of how we finish, but winning a few games to close the season will help his job security. (BTW, I -- unfortunately -- still believe that Spaz will be back next year.) I think BC wins a close game.
Final Score: BC 20, UCF 17


mod34b said...

typo --

"Final Score: BC 20, UCF 17"

if only!

BaltEagle00 said...

ATL- If Spaz sticks around for another year as you predict, i'd like to hear your thoughts on potential staff changes. Will Day finally get a shot at OC? Will Devine be replaced after the awful performance of the line? Will they tweak the offensive scheme?

mod34b said...

"Will Day finally get a shot at OC?"

Let's hope not. Day has not proven he can succeed at his current job, and you want to promote him? Why?

I rather see Day fired along with Devine, and let the new OC-to-be fill the staff positions

TheShowGoesOnLupeFiasco said...
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BCMike said...


TheShowGoesOnLupeFiasco said...

Rettig is listed as starter on the depth chart. Backup is Shinskie or Bordner.

Danny Boy said...

Has anyone watched film on Finch's fumbles? Spaz seems to think its a chronic problem with him, and his performance once in the spotlight agrees.

Adrian Peterson, Tiki Barber, and Omar Epps in the program all had issues with excessive fumbles, and all of them were able to rectify it with just a little coaching intervention. Can someone get Spaz a copy of The Program so he can learn how to cure Finch of his fumbling woes?

mod10aeagle said...

Did Marscovetra transfer? I never had much sense of his level of talent, so I'm not suggesting it matters, but if he left the program altogether, I definitely missed that.

mod34b said...

Mod10, Marsco is still on the roster, but not on the 2-deep depth chart. He is just 4th or 5th or 6th string QB now.

1. Rettig
2. Bordner
3. Shinskie
4. Suntrup
5. Marscovetra
6. Cranmore

EagleManhattan said...

How did we end up with 6 QB's on the roster and only 2 of them remotely ACC caliber?

Knucklehead said...

BC recruited a myriad of QB's after Boisture, now 2nd string at Michigan State de-committed.

Looking back on his decision to decommit had a huge negative impact on the program.

mod34b said...

Boisture was highly over-rated and a bust at MSU. He is not second stringer. He is not even on the team. See THIS

Bob B. said...

Penn St currently has two 4-star commitments from West Roxbury, MA (Catholic Memorial). Both players have offers from BC, and likely will decommit. Maybe BC becomes the logical hometown choice...

EvenlyYoked said...

In the MD game Finch wasn't the only one fumbling so I chalk that up to the conditions and I don't know why Spaz didn't either. Finch likes to fight for every inch on his runs and a lot of times, especially when multiple tacklers are involved he should just put two hands on the ball and take his yardage. I love your effort big fella, but live to fight another day.

I did look at the FSU game fumbles and the second was just a bad exchange and the first from the safety blitzing and swiping at the ball from behind. I'm sure he never saw him, but that's why I recommend he just put two hands on the ball in close quarters. Most of the fumbles happen when he's basically going down.

The other thing I noticed, and I'm certain FSU got this idea from the Spaz post MD interview, is that FSU defenders were intentionally going after the ball while another defender was tackling Finch. This is why Spaz should stop throwing his players under the bus.

I think he'll be fine, but the worse thing the coaches can do is rattle his confidence. Andre Williams seems to be going through some confidence issues. His running has become very timid.

EWCANES said...

Good stuff here. As a pack fan I thought TOB was a terrible hire, but I think he'll be back for sure next year, unless he loses out, and then make a decision on whether he wants another short term deal or just retire depending on how his squad does.

Check out our preview from a Pack Point of View

About Five said...

Pack is playing for bowl eligibility. Pretty strong positive motivation for being up. It would mean a bowl win would produce the magical 8 win season plateau.

Today, I find the BC knows Bible advantage humorous. Glennon does have 20 TD passes versus 8 for Retig. So there is a heartbeat to their offense.

Extra day or not it still takes more time to get ready for Bible than a stale BC offense. This would be true even if the BC OLine could block enough to use the play book pages yet unturned.

Go BC players.

Darius said...

What are those assumed decommitments based on? Actual statements from the players, or an assumption that recruits wouldn't want to go to Penn State now? If the latter, would that be because of the stigma of or disgust at the scandal (understandable), because of their concerns for coming sanctions (haven't seen this suggested beyond angry message boards), or uncertainty about what the coaching staff will look like next year? More to the last point, , why would that suddenly put BC atop their leaderboards? Whoever Penn State replaces their staff with will almost certainly be better than what's at BC.

mod34b said...

Evenlyyoked --

you say "I'm certain FSU got this idea from the Spaz post MD interview, is that FSU defenders were intentionally going after the ball "

Spaz does a lot of dumb things, but 'tipping off' opponents to try to strip the ball from our running back is not one of them.

Every -- every -- defense tries hard to strip the ball from ball carriers. It is very basic.

Mario Rigatoni said...

I say we give Shinskie another crack at it. Let's look at the facts. 6'4". Handsome. Laser/Rocket arm.

The forum is open for discussion...

Bob B. said...

Penn St.'s top recruit has already decommited. These other guys are in similar positions and really have no reason to stay committed (no coach, investigation, dark days ahead). Being MA players who were being recruited by BC, they may fall into our hands. Kind of reminds me of how ALJ switched from Miami to BC when Miami made a coaching change.

JBQ said...

Flutie stated that Shinskie regressed which means poor coaching. Unfortunately, he is now damaged goods something like Humpty-Dumpty. He is likeable and loyal. My worry as a fan of Suntrup is just how this turmoil will affect his development.

bostonfoodie said...

Darius -

I have no clue whether the guys from CM will come here, but considering we take as many kids from CM annually as any other school but BC High, and that CM is an easy jog away from the Heights, its certainly on their radar.

As to whether they'll end up at Penn State, and after reading the indictment, I'd be shocked if ANY member of the Penn State staff is there next year.

Secondly, I'd strongly be suspect whether Penn State has a football program next year. This isn't a question of ranking or recruits, this is a question of the existance of a BCS program.

Darius said...

I would strongly doubt that any members of the 2011 staff will be at PSU in 2012. I'd hope not, anyway. I can't imagine that any coach avoiding termination/non-renewal would actually want to stay in that situation. But what would I know--apparently, actually witnessing the events leading to this scandal weren't enough to dissuade one member of the staff (McCready) from remaining to the present day.

Even so, I can't see any way that Penn State death-penalties itself. It makes too much money from football. The university, its student body, and its donors identify too strongly with the program and its historical success to axe it. They'll use tragedy as a rallying point, like Marshall in 1970 or Virginia Tech in 2007. Obviously, those were different types of situations, but the response won't be.

matthew2 said...

what exactly makes Shinskie likeable?