Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spaz on Penn State

The Boston media finally got around to asking Spaz about Penn State. While he didn't give the most coherent response, I actually found his honest, muddled answer with concern for the victims, Spaz's most relatable moment in months. Spaz is a parent first and foremost. Instead of protecting his mentor, his alma mater or the coaching fraternity, he said the victims are what matter. He's right.


Rob said...

Thanks for pointing this out ATL. As always, very muddled from Spaz, but of all the PSU people I've heard speak, the message he tried to get across was a lot better than anyone else. Everyone else felt the need to bring up what a great man Paterno was, etc, etc, I really liked that Spaz gets right to the point, Paterno is not the issue, its about the kids.

bostonfoodie said...

Agreed about Spaz. These alleged crimes are such a bigger deal than football, athletics, and the university system and he articulated that well.

On a completely less-important non-sequitar, UCF just got hit with major NCAA violations, so that loss may be wiped from the books.,0,5045900.story

mod34b said...

I am glad to see PSU tell JoePa: you will not be controlling your exit, we will: good-bye.

I hope the PSU board really probes into the culture of 'Big Time' college football and finds out how such a core value of protecting our children from harm was ignored and rationalized away.

Through inaction, subtefuge and deceit, the PSU football machine, lead by JoePa, preferred to protect the reputation of PSU football, the legacy of JoePa, at the expense of probably dozens and dozens of children who were abused by a psychopath pedophile.

JoePa could have stopped this 14 years ago -- in 1998 -- or earlier, but didn't. Why JoePa? Why? are you really that empty inside?

By the way, why is Sandusky out on bail? seems like he should be in jail now.

It is all revolting.

mod34b said...

The Sandusky Grand Jury Report. Detailed and unpleasant.

Sandusky grand jury report

Shows JoePa knew of 2002 sexual assault and took no action other than to report the sexual assault to the School AD. The AD then buried the report of the incident and never reported it to the police, as required by PA law.

JoePa never followed up.

In front of Grand Jury, the AD feigned lack of detailed memory.

Report does not say that JoePa wanted 2002 report buried, but that seems in the mix.

Rob said...

PSU fans are trying to get $500K in donations to stop child abuse (saw this over at the Black Shoe Diaries blog). Considering all we've been talking about it, thought some might be interested in helping some good come from this.

Bob B. said...

Penn St currently has two 4-star commitments from West Roxbury, MA (Catholic Memorial). Both players have offers from BC, and likely will decommit. Maybe BC becomes the logical hometown choice...

JBQ said...

As a point of note from Rush Limbaugh, Saundusky was investigated for a crime in 1998. In 1999, he resigned. At that time, the DA doing the investigating (Grisar)suddenly disappeared and was never heard from again. He is presumed dead and probably murdered. This is even deeper than anyone can imagine.

Rob said...


Just to clarify, Grisar went missing in 2005, well afterward Sandusky was cleared of his charges in 1998.

Its presumed that he committed suicide--similar to his brother--however, his disappearance is strange because his work issued laptop was found in the river near where his car was found with its hard drive missing (and he had done google searches for how to destroy your hard drive with water on his home computer). The hard drive was later recovered, but was unreadable.