Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New recruit and other links

After a very slow few months on the recruiting front, BC added another linebacker. Bobby Wolford is from the Jacksonville area and was committed to BYU prior to his switch to BC. What I find interesting about the whole transition is that the Utah paper describes him as a devout Catholic who originally selected BYU because of its faith-based tradition. I wonder at what point the fish out of water aspect of being a Catholic at an LDS school made him decide to switch to BC? He is a solid addition to the class.

There is no easy way to handle this link other than to report that BC lacrosse player Michael Racanelli died. Very little information is available.

Here are some good takes on the basketball game last night from The Heights and the Herald.


mod34b said...

It is so heart breaking to hear of the death of a such a wonderful young man. Just 20 years old, filled with all of LIFE's promise, and now he is gone from this Earth. May God Bless him and his family and may they someday find peace. My prayers are with the Racanelli family in this terrible time.

JBQ said...

In regard to the faith based tradition of the Boston Archdiocese as well as Boston College, there is quite a bit of controversy through Boston Catholic Insider.

matthew2 said...

Heckmann seems like he has a will to score/win. We need that.

I'm open to the opinion of others, but I'm not a big fan of Humphrey. I've seen him twice now, and all he does is whine. Bad body language, cheap fouls... doesn't seem like a donahue type player. Yes he can score at times, but he IS NOT a PG, and doesn't protect the ball well.

Which brings me to Jordan Daniels... clearly the best ball handler on the team. Reminds me of a Villanova guard that barely missed the cut. He is exciting to watch. His shooting might be suspect, but that might not matter if he can break down a defense.

Anderson is so smooth... but I think of him as more of a "3-guard". People seem encouraged that he had a nice rebound total, but I don' think he is strong enough to box out an ACC forward. He can definitely jump though. And has an excellent touch on his jumper... good range for his size, definitely.

I like Donahue applying some 3/4 court pressure... the half court traps and the 1-3-1 were a nice touch. These things can work in college basketball. I would like to see him design more plays for our shooters. Everyone knows Rubin (and even Cahill) can knock down a 3. Let's see it more.

On a lighter note, I'd bet Donahue made more substitutions last night than Skinner did in an entire season... seriously. And he used some time outs, too. Made the game end at 9:10 instead of 8:55, but I'll take it.

EL MIZ said...

BC should fully convert to the 3-4 next season. so much talent at LB.