Monday, November 14, 2011

Rebuilt hoops squad gets first win

BC entered the season with hundreds of questions about its roster, its style of play and its readiness for this season. While one win over UNH didn't answer everything, it certainly gave us some idea of how this team will play this year. Here are some thoughts. Leave yours in the comments...

-- I thought we were supposed to be shooters? All of these guys were brought in for their offensive skills, yet most seemed a bit rusty or off. Heckmann is tough but he wasn't exactly efficient in the first game. The FT shooting (17 for 31) was also telling.
-- Cahill getting big minutes. I am glad he decided to play again and I like that he was a calming influence down the stretch, but we will need the younger guys to come along. I don't know if Cahill should average 28 points a minute on a winning team.
-- Heckmann's physicality. The guy isn't Reggie Jackson, but he is willing to drive with abandon. I imagine he will be asked to create a lot by driving to the basket.
-- Anderson's rebounding. He has a good sense inside and can convert.

We will learn more soon. Friday, the guys head to Worcester for the always dangerous Holy Cross. Not all games will wins and they will certainly have their mistakes, but Game 1 showed that these guys should be fun to watch and fun to root for.


Capital Eagle said...

Team will play hard. But, youth may begin to wear out as the ACC schedule goes into the home stretch in February. Coach D works from tip off to final buzzer. Early wins, no matter against whom and no matter how ugly, will go along way to build some early confidence. Looked like everyone saw some time. There are some players and there are some projects. Overall, game was entertaining with a positive outcome. Was a small crowd tonight. Maybe 2 hockey and the football game had an impact on crowd. More to follow through the season.
Capital Eagle

Rob said...

You can attribute the poor shooting to a bunch of freshman who were thinking too much. Also, still learning the offense so we didn't see a lot of wide open set your feet 3 attempts. If humphry and heckmann can fill the Jackson slasher role and learn to kick to the open man, we will be fine.

eagle1331 said...

Excited about this team. I actually don't recall the last time I was excited about basketball, as it is my least favorite sport. I guess Gene and the demise of football are to thank for that.

I don't think our record will be pretty at the end of the year, but I have a ton of (hopefully correctly placed) faith in Donahue and his system. I also like that the transition years give him time to sell himself and the team to BC and the greater Boston area, as well as hopefully connect him with BC for a long time.

Bill, how many drinks did you have before writing this post? haha

Tim said...

Apparently the BC ticket office returned some unsold tickets to ND, and they are now available to the general public on ND's website. Has this ever happened before?

John said...

Notre Dame favored by 24 1/2! To think we beat this team six times in a row. Seems like a long time ago.

Jeff said...

"I don't know if Cahill should average 28 points a minute on a winning team."

Personally, I think it would be pretty awesome if this happened. A bit hard to believe, but still awesome! :P