Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend roundup

Although we won it football, the weekend was rough on a few other fronts.

First the men's soccer team lost to North Carolina in the ACC Championship Game. They weren't expected to be in the Final, so there was a little bit of playing with house money feeling around the game, but still, you want to win. Next is hopefully a good showing in the NCAA tournament. Selections are announced Monday afternoon.

The Hockey team was red-hot and facing a reeling BU team. Do you want to guess how it played out? The Terriers shutout BC for the first time since 1983. The Hockey team has to bounce back quickly as they face Notre Dame this Friday.

The bright spot of the weekend was the women's soccer team. They advanced to the second round of the NCAA Tournament by beating Marist.


Erik said...

Big catholic rivalry week.
Football @ Notre Dame
Hockey @ Notre Dame
Basketball @ Holy Cross.

I'd settle for 2 out of 3, but maybe they all step up and grab a sweep.

Jimmy said...

Did BC's 'impressive' win do much for its standing in the various rankings?. NO. (imagine if we lost!)

In the latest BCS composite rankings, BC is 4th worst BCS team in the USA.

1. Indiana
2. Colorado
3. Oregon State
4. BC
5. Minnesota
6. Maryland
7. Duke
8. Mississippi
9. Washington State
10. Arizona

In the CBS Sports Computer Ranking, BC is 3rd worst BCS team in USA!

1. Indiana
2. Colorado
3. Boston College
4. Maryland
5. Minnesota
6. Oregon State
7. Mississippi
8. Washington State
9. Duke
10. Arizona

Sagarin has BC is 5th worst BCS team in USA!

1. Indiana
2. Mississippi
3. Colorado
4. Oregon State
5. Boston College
6. Duke
7. Arizona
8. Maryland
9. Minnesota
10. Washington State

Massey Poll -- BC 7th worst BCS team

1. Indiana
2. Oregon State
3. Colorado
4. Arizona
5. Mississippi
6. Duke
7. Boston College
8. Maryland
9. Minnesota
10. Washington State

Where will BC wind up if (ok, when) we lose to ND and Miami?

EL MIZ said...

jimmy, i don't need computer polls to tell me how bad BC is. its enough watching the offense fail to move the ball week in, week out.

also, we beat maryland at maryland and yet we are "worse" than them in every poll. whatever. we stink.

Jimmy said...

El Miz -- Maryland has something akin to a signature win over Miami. We don't

I post the polls to publicize the fact that by any objective measure BC is horrible. We fans, of course, know dog shit when we see it.

The football rankers also know dog shit when they see it too -- hence the multiple polls placing BC at the bottom of the BCS pile.

SPAZ must go and this is just more support for the real goal of this season (get a better coach) -- a goal far better than any mediocre BOWL game we might have gone to if we had beaten Duke, NU and UCF

matthew2 said...

Very excited for the men's basketball opener tonight (7PM UNH at Conte). Haven't seen much talk lately about the team, was anyone else at the scrimmage vs. AIC?

We looked very raw and scattered, especially in the first half. Despite conflicting reports and his name not being in the program, John Cahill is back and hit all 3 of his 3's. He looks to be the leader of the team. I believe he started, along with Ryan Anderson, Dennis Clifford, Matt Humphrey and Patrick Heckman.

We lack a go to player at this point, for the first time in years. A guy that can just will his way to the basket when we are desperate for a score. Heckman might be closest to that, but he is a little slow. He has a nice skill set, and a decent body for a guard. Humphrey might end up putting up some points, but he also seems like the kind of guy who might have more fouls than points in a few games. He was pouting a little, had a bunch of cheap-type fouls, and ultimately fouled out on a technical foul.

At forward, Anderson is smooth... stepped back and hit a jumper, but also skyed for a dunk over his defender. Definitely some potential there, hopefully. Clifford is definitely tall, but it's too hard to say how he'll do against more athletic/stronger power forwards and centers. He played a decent game, though.

Moton and Rubin didn't get many minutes at all. Caudill has a big body but appears somewhat inept with the ball.

I loved what I saw from Jordan Daniels. Looks like he could be a real spark plug off the bench, and maybe end up starting. He's tiny (5'8 or 9, 150), but has great energy.

Best of luck to the team tonight!

Soxx22 said...

i know this would never happen but what if they offer the head coaching job to Urban Meyer? First of all, he's catholic. Second, part of the reason he left Florida was because of health concerns which i imagine were partially attributed to the high stress job of being head coach at Florida. Clearly, head coach at BC wouldn't be as stressful. if he's successful at BC he'll be seen as a tremendous coach, if he's not great it will be justified as 'well, its BC.' seemingly, the other positions he would be a candidate for are Ohio State and Penn State. Both have hugh expectations and both would involve cleaning up messes (that's not to say BC isn't a mess but at least its not a PR mess). Yes he would be expensive but you have to imagine that donations would come flying in and season ticket sales would go through the roof. BC would also be relevant in the Boston sports scene. Anyway, i know that it will never happen but it popped in my head this weekend and i wanted to share.

Leather D said...

Soxx22 - as you know, this would never happen.

Big Jack Krack said...

Tough loss in Men's Soccer to the #1 Team - we're still proud.

Good luck in the NCAA's, both Men's and Women's Soccer.

Let's hope that Hockey can rebound against the Fighting Irish. It seems as though they always have more of a chip on their shoulder than we do for our game. We need to really get up for Friday night's game.

In terms of Men's Basketball - I like your enthusiasm, Matthew. However, these guys are so young that I would not be surprised if it's a tough couple of years ahead.

Football - this is the first ND game in the series that I am not looking forward to watching at all. At least when we got buried in '92 we came back and shocked #1 ND in '93. We brought out plays never before used during the 93 season especially for ND - Coughlin was brilliant, as were the players.

Thanks for all of your contributions, Frank and Gene. You have swiftly brought us from a team generally in the mid-20's in national power rankings during the 10 years before you took over ( with an occasional top 15)to a ranking 100 points lower - indeed one of the worst ranked teams in major college football.

If you are not dismissed at year's end - what in the world will be your excuse next year?

Go BC - give it your all in South Bend. Do it for yourselves and your families, etc. Let's hope the coaches give you more than Williams up the middle, Bordner on the option keeper and Amidon on the end around.

Rettig - call your own plays, for goodness sake. Man up and shake off the sign from the bench. These offensive coaches are idiots.

mod34b said...

Jack - I love it. A call for player insurrection! YES!

"Rettig - call your own plays, for goodness sake. Man up and shake off the sign from the bench. These offensive coaches are idiots."

eagle1331 said...

Big Jack Krack for Coach 2012!

I've never been a basketball fan, but am excited to not only see what Donahue can do with this team, but see how he builds on it as well.

More importantly, though, I'm uber excited to see how terrible BC marketing blows the opportunity to get the school/team recognition in the community with the ongoing NBA Lockout. There are pure basketball junkies that will watch anyone play just to get their fix, and the Celts have been on a popularity run for the last few years. It is a golden opportunity for some sort of partnership between the two to keep fandome alive in the hub and simply put an opportunity for BC in general to try attract a whole new group of people.

John said...

Was at the game on Saturday and happy for the kids. How does a team win with one first down in the second half? These last two games could be real ugly. Go BC kids, down with Spaz. From a season ticket holder who will not renew if he is on the sideline.

BCDoubleEagle said...

This afternoon, the BC parking office emailed students and told them that unless they paid $50 per night to park an RV on campus prior to driving out to South Bend, their RV would be towed.

A few hours later, in response to "feedback," they sent another email saying they found money in the budget to cover the cost of allowing students to park on campus for a night.

And GDF et al. wonder why we have trouble with fan support.

eagle1331 said...

In 2008 we had to pay $50 or $100 to park across Comm Ave on the diocese grounds and the RVs weren't allowed on campus at all...

JBQ said...

A salute to Big Jack Krack as well as acknowledgment that the soccer squad goes into the tournament with a number 4 seed. UConn is ranked 3 by the way.

Big Jack Krack said...

Speaking of "across Comm Ave" - we need to begin "picnic-style tailgating next year there. No open flames on the Brighton Campus - but tailgating activities will take place.

What would Gene do if all Flynn Fund donors with parking passes for Brighton had a tailgating sit-in?

Let's have an Occupy Brighton Campus Tailgate next season - those of us who actually return. (Not even sure that I will after all these years - how bad is that?)

We could invite all fans interested in tailgating to our Occupy Brighton Campus Tailgate. This isn't even a protest. We either get the stupid policy changed, or we stop coming - period.

Big Jack Krack said...

We could do it at the Rhode Island game. I'm half kidding. :-)

But in all seriousness, BC owes its fans a good game day experience. For the majority of fans, that includes a nice area reserved for hassle-free tailgating. The Brighton Campus is perfect for that.

Call off the dogs, the police, BC 5-0, security staff, the Newton Fire inspectors - open the gates to our own campus and MAYBE fans will show their appreciation by getting to their seats at kickoff.

If we are going to have the most boring offense in college football, an outdated coach, unmotivated recruiting staff, and an egotistical athletic director only interested in padding his 401K - don't you think we should provide the fans with a good game day experience 6 times a year?

6 times out of 365 days!!!!!

Come on Gene - WAKE UP - or go back to Springfield. If we took a vote now it would be NO CONFIDENCE in you.

It's too bad that you have never learned how to move around in Boston politics.

You have paved the way for Occupy Brighton Campus Tailgate in 2012. And it will grow to all areas on the BC Campus - all areas.

Danny Boy said...

At this point I'm really hoping for a Varsity Blues moment where the players band together and refuse to let Spaz in the locker room at half time. They coach themselves for the entire 2nd half and go on to triumph.

I hate that Spaz and co. have left me to rely on fictional football for my analysis.

Tim said...

Attendance at tonight's basketball game: 3,588

matthew2 said...

Tim -- that number is pushing it, too... we know they inflate. I was sitting there thinking more like 2500... 3000 at most.

Erik said...

Danny Boy-
I felt like the Eagle Walk was about 25 min late last weekend. I was at my tailgate wondering if the team was pulling a Johnny Moxon and refusing to get in the bus at the hotel if Spaz went too. They, obviously, showed up eventually.

CVA said...

Just got back from the b-ball game.

A few points:

Pretty poor attendance. Maybe 3K, with 200 students at most.

Heckmann is by far our best player. Plays under control. Can get to the rim with ease. Maybe a little soft on defense (i.e. goes for the steal a lot), but took a huge charge in the final minutes.

Humphrey has talent but is a little out of control at times. Nice stroke. Takes it hard to the basket. Didn't finish well tonight.

Clifford has some nice post moves and handles the ball well. Missed a few gimmes and a dunk.

Anderson has a nice touch. Probably the best natural rebounder on the team. Needs to be aggressive on offense.

Daniels is extremely fast and seems like a better fit than Moton on offense. Donahue was subbing them on offense/defense at the end.

Jackson, Caudill, and Odio played about the same minutes. Hard to get a read on these players now.

Free throws were horrible tonight.

Liked the zone in the beginning of the second half as UNH wasn't hitting from the outside, but probably stayed in it too long.

The team definitely plays hard. Rotations on defense were very good considering the amount of freshmen.

Main problem is lack of true point guard. Mostly Heckmann and Humprhey handled point. Seems like Daniels and Heckmann felt the most comfortable.

A win is a win and I'll take it.

harrow said...

Sadly as lacrosse player from BC was found dead in his apt on Foster Street today. Is there any info on this, how horrible. Foul play has been ruled out.