Friday, January 27, 2012

Doug Martin talking offense

This may be the era of constant video and wonke football talk, but there isn't much out there on Doug Martin. I did come across this video which will give you some insight into what he wants to install. Martin is talking about New Mexico State but the applications to BC are numerous. He was only at NM State one year and was just installing his offense when he gave this interview. What stood out to me was that he described the scheme as West Coast and has an emphasis on short passes to set up the long passes and runs.


Bob B. said...

Looks/sounds like a real football coach. Obviously this means nothing in terms of X's and O's, but we're going to have to give him the benefit of the doubt. Sure, tutored Garrard at ECU, but no one really knows what he's accomplished since. I like the mystery because there is a lot of potential for success, and maybe we won't get the run, run, pass offense. He seems to like the West Coast system, but how will that translate to our mediocre receiving corps?

Unknown said...

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