Friday, January 27, 2012

Show BC Fencing some love

Although I focus on the big sports, it is important to remember there are many other student athletes at BC and their events can also be great to attend. Saturday morning, BC Fencing has a rare on campus appearance. Here are the details:

The meet begins 9 AM at the Flynn Recreational Complex. It will continue until 4 PM. BC will host and compete against MIT, Smith, Brandeis, Vassar and Brown. This is BC's first conference meet of the season and the last home, duel meet for seniors Peter Souders, Brian Like, Chelsea Rosenbauer, Gabi Goode, Molly Wolfe and Michelle Gaglia.


Timmy said...

If you're interested in the team, BC Magazine published a photo essay about them back in 2009.

JBQ said...

The greatest sport of them all according to Errol Flynn. Robin Hood still lives in us all. You can kill the football team but you can't take away the spirit of the "Three Muskateers" even though there were really four of them.