Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Women's hoops blownout and other links

If more people cared, I think there would be outrage about the Women's basketball team. Wednesday night North Carolina ran them out of the building, winning 77-46. BC is now the only ACC team yet to get a conference win and only has five wins overall. The concern is that this is Crawley's fourth season and the decline has been steady. BC fans can be patient but I think BC needs to show a little more fight as the season winds down.

Tom Coughlin's reputation for delivering in big games started at BC. (Thanks to Dave for the link.)

Donnie Fletcher is making the most of his time at the Senior Bowl practices. This report noted that he had speed in one on one drills. He also showed strength and pushed a WR around.

One of BC's Plan B recruits -- Jameson McShea -- decided not to commit and is going to Harvard. Gene told Around the Res that this class would have 18-19 recruits. If Spaz is on the same page, he better scrounge up some new verbals quickly.

Cory Schneider weighed in on the Tim Thomas White House controversy.


mod34b said...

Too bad about Women's hoops

I've heard Crawley talk and she is quite impressive. However, her results have been poor and getting worse Crawley was a GDF hire, of course.

GDF's long tenure is remarkable for the very few HC hires he has made, mostly bad choices.

His fires: TOB, Skinner, Jags

His hires: Jags, Spaz, Donahue, Crawley, (Tranquil, Rogers)

Verdict: GDF is a poor judge of coaching talent. (maybe Donahue will be the exception, but that has not happened yet)

Big Jack Krack said...

Nice going, Gene.

John said...

I don't know if Gene makes $600, 884 as reported by USA Today, or $1.15M as reported in the Herald.

Whichever figure is closest to the truth, I wonder how Boston College could possibly pay a bum like DeFilippo this much. Yes, that's right. A bum! Go kiss your reflection in the mirror. If it's a mirroe on the wall, you might have to step up on something to see yourself, you pygmy.

What a disgrace.

Let's go Boston College and move beyod the current horror show. Getting rid of the AD is number 1 priority.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Gdf is the worst AD in BC history and the worst in the USA. Could the b-ball coaches who are a combined 12 and 28 and the football coach at 4 and 8 for a total record of 16 and 36 be worse? Will these hires of Gdf be able to keep up this torrid winning pace of 30 % ? Lively pointed out that TOB, Skinner and Inglese were winning at 65%.Is Gdf intentionally injuring BC or just a gross incompetent> Will the BOT and Leahy ever take notice?

Tim said...

Tom Mutch was another disastrous GDF hire. He resigned a few years ago as head coach of the women's hockey team amid allegations of an inappropriate relationship with one of his players.

neenan said...

Eugene B. DeFilippo, Jr. -- EBDFJ is a 1973 graduate of Springfield College.

EBDFJ was a QB on the Springfield College "Pride" football team, a D-III team with a losing record, with loses to such powerhouses as Bridgeport and Central Connecticut (think of where BC Football was in 1970s -- light years from where EBDFJ was).

I believe EBDFJ was the starting QB for his junior and senior seasons. EBDFJ's father EBDF was a life long high school football coach.

I think -- but really not sure -- that EBDFJ was a exercise physiology or phys. ed major. Yes, our AD went to a piss poor college, played piss poor football and was trained as a Gym teacher. This is the best BC -- Ever to Excel -- can do???

After Springfield, EBDFJ was a journeyman assistant football coach for years. As far as I can tell he never had a real job in the dreaded private sector where he had to sell a product or service, had customers or clients, had to make a profit to survive etc., like most of us do. His father also was a life long government employee.

EBDFJ's own work experience and his father's work experience speaks volumes about EBDFJ's utter lack of business acumen or savvy.

EBDFJ then got into the sports administration racket and climbed up the ladder, until, in a classic, classic, example of the Peter Principle, he arrived at our Alma Mater.

eagle1331 said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not donating a dime to athletics until Gene is out the door. He is a scumbag politician that only has his own interests motivating him.

I have heard him speak several times and I walk away every time in amazement how he skates around hardball questions and gets fed soft toss the rest of the time by attendees who are clearly out of touch with what is really going on at The Heights (and likely the ones still keeping him around).

His approach to fans, alumni, and the media is much more akin to someone that is running for office than someone who is supposed to be running a respectable, profitable athletic department with a school and the students' interests being top priority.

eagle1331 said...

Side note - Schianno to the Bucs as HC. My nightmares were never so bad as to imagine that one day I'd say, "hopefully we can poach some of their commits." I'm disgusted at what has become of this athletic department.

Joseph said...

Exactly why do you have to be so totally intemperate/ Springfiled is far from being what you said. Who ever said that being a superior football player was the only attribute for being a good and successful person. I never played organized football, but I am the CEO of a rather successful enterprise. Why denigrate gym teachers? Judge the man be his performance in his his job, not by some subjective criteria that you could never defend as being legitimate. I too believe that we need better at the AD position, but because he is not doing the job well, not because he went to a certain college and did not meet your standards for athletic ability.

neenan said...


Yes, Springfield most certainly produces many fine graduates, but GDF is not one of them. Gym teachers can be fine leaders too. But that is not the case with our gym teacher.

Also, did you know that prior to 1954 (GDF arrived in 1969), Springfield College was known as the International YMCA College and it produced YMCA instructors? Interesting. Basketball was also invented there by Mr Naismith. Alonzo Stagg was there too.

Tim said...

Question for the audience: who has been GDF's best coaching hire?

Lenny Sienko said...

To refresh the recollection of those with shorter memories or who might have been too young at the time GDF was hired, his claim to fame was as a marketing genius for Villanova basketball. he was praised for innovative promotions of the Wildcats on the national scene. It was widely expected that GDF would morph the BC basketball program into a ticket-selling, nationally-ranked machine.

It was a surprise to many of us to see such feeble efforts at basketball promotion, even when we were winning.

Bringing the Fenway Group on board to do our marketing was the next step for GDF. The marketing genius had hired professionals to do the job he was supposedly expert at.

Experts such as Fenway Group needed someone inside BC to work with them. IMHO that has not happened as well as it might have.

BC has brilliant students and faculty with a digital campus second to none, yet our social media and internet presence is amateurish to say the least.

You can watch a live web cast of the Northeastern Hockey game against BC on the net from Northeastern for free; but BC's audio is so bad, it doesn't work most of the time.

The person at the top sets the tone for any organization--excellence or mediocrity.

#fireGDF #fireSpaz

JD said...


I think his best hire was probably Greg Wilkinson. His teams win championships!