Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Harris done for Spring

In disappointing but not unexpected news, Montel Harris experienced soreness in his knee and will miss the remainder of Spring practice. Given all that has happened, I don't think BC can expect much from Montel this Fall. He will own most of the BC rushing records and have his degree, so I hope he comes back on his terms. With chronic knee issues, a professional career is looking doubtful. Montel was a fun player to watch. Let's hope he gets one more shot to shine at BC.


dixieagle said...

Is there no one in Boston, the medical Mecca of the world, who can fix Harris's knee??? Poor kid.

Big Jack Krack said...

What a sh-- deal.

I really feel bad for the guy - he laid it all on the line for Boston College - like others before him.

I'm going to stay tuned for this.

eagleboston said...

Sounds to me like the first surgeon really screwed up. I have seen players get their knees shredded and then return in a year. This deal is going on 2 years. I really, really feel bad for Montel.

Erik said...

I am not okay with Montel not having another good season at BC. He deserves it. The injury was Nov 20, 2010. He worked hard hoping to play in the bowl game, was dressed but couldn't go. He worked to be part of spring football, took the first handoff in the spring game and had to shut it down. He worked to be ready for the summer and ended up having another procedure done in Aug. he worked to get back last fall and got injured in the game. Again he worked hard to be ready for this spring and has had to shut it down after the first day.

Now he's gotta do it all again and it's not fair. He deserves better. He deserves to be the man once again.

mod34b said...

eagleboston - why blame the surgeon? If you go over to the EO boards, all the idiots there blame the surgeon. There is not a single bit of evidence to suggest the surgeons did anything wrong. and the fact that Montel not being a 100% of his pre-injury form is not evidence of poor work; it is evidence that Montel has a very serious injury

Surgeons are not miracle workers.

Football is a violent sport - especially for a running back. As we all know from being sports fans, there are countless athletes that have had career-ending injuries that surgeons and doctors cannot fully fix. We are, aftera ll, "human, all too human"

eagle1331 said...


blockparty said...

as a doctor, i find it laughable that people blame the surgeon.

you have no idea what the images showed. you have no idea how severe his disease was. you were not in the operating room when his knee was being repaired.

with every operation there is risk. infection, bleeding, not returning to pre-injury status, even death. with every operation there is the possibility of complications.

then again, the fact that everyone expects perfection says a lot about doctors, specifically surgeons, today.

get a clue before you start spouting off. spend 4 years of medical school, 5 years of an orthopedic residency, and then the rest of your career repairing damaged knees before you blindly place blame.

EL MIZ said...


given that you're a doctor (and i'm not trying to place blame on anyone), how irregular is it that this injury has taken so long to heal? the only thing that comes to my mind is antonio mcdyess' knee injury with the NY knicks, where he came back a handful of times and it was always sore and he wound up missing i think 2 seasons. but i think mcdyess had microfracture, which is a more complex surgery?

as a doctor, what is your take on this? at this point after 2+ yrs of sitting out, is harris done?

blockparty said...

one last point: i love montel and i feel terribly for him. i hope and wish he comes back stronger than ever. i cant imagine his frustration considering all of the hard work he has put in over his life. he deserves better.

but every surgery has risk involved and not ever result is 100% guaranteed.

Big Jack Krack said...

Mod12b - I appreciate your post very much.

From my perch, I thought the coaches rode this kid pretty hard - almost to the point that most of us felt an injury would be inevitable. If there is any blame at all, it might be in that direction.

On the other hand, Montel is an athlete who is in supreme shape, brimming with self-confidence, etc. and he willingly shouldered the load.

I think it's a shame and a sh.. deal that this has happened to a player who has given his all for Boston College.

Best of luck, Montel with rehabilitation and everything else in your future. If BC is still part of your plan, I will be there from 1000 miles away to greet you on Labor Day Weekend!

mod34b said...

"you have no idea how severe his disease was"

Is a torn meniscus a disease? Would a real doctor think of a torn meniscus resulting from twisting on a fottball field as a disease? I think not.

Is Mod12 a real surgeon, or is he just playing one in blogland? I think is the the latter -- a blog-o-doctor.

blockparty said...

el miz,

this injury, a meniscal tear, is a common one, a bread and butter case for any 2nd to 3rd year resident, let alone attending. it obviously depends on the severity of the tear, and that severity will dictate the post-op prognosis. i do not know the extent of his tear, his disease process. what is said is that standard rehab for a good athlete like montel takes 1 year to be back on the field as long as he solidly rehabs, something i am sure he did. if you or i looked at him one year post-op, we'd say, "hes back to normal." however, montel would likely say he doesnt feel just right. it takes at least 2 years, if not 3 years, for the athlete to feel back to normal and even then it is not guaranteed.

right now, montel is obviously reinjuring his knee too frequently. there are a lot of reasons why, to include bad repair, poor healing, faulty rehab, or more severe disease that was thought. i dont know that answer but he wont return to his former greatness if the reason isnt discovered and corrected.

nice try mod34b.

jrtmurphy said...

You guys need to hug it out.
As an orthopaedic surgeon, college team physician, college athlete and someone who has had three knee scopes, let me give you my perspective.

Yes, Montel had an original diagnosis of meniscal tear. If it is partially removed (and not repaired) as was his case you are usually out 3-4 months at worst. Sometimes you can retear in the same area, thus I was hopeful when he had the second scope that this was the case and he would be fine.

My bet is he has some cartilage damage, not bad enough to microfracture but enough that his knee may never be the same. Meniscetomies are not complex cases, there just isn't much that can be done for cartilage. A career ender for alot of pros.

And mod34B, if I am making this up then you don't have Peyronie's disease

mod34b said...

JRTM - You do have the Orthopod swagger, so u seem to be telling it like it is. That is except your last line makes me think you're really a Uro guy. But, no i do not hook or slice, pretty much always straight down the fairway.

Now mod12 is no surgeon. That much is clear. I am thinking maybe a nurse or peds? :-)

jrtmurphy said...

Not Urology.
Just remember random things from med school