Wednesday, February 22, 2012

HD says Spaz on Hot Seat and other links

On the heels of her Q&A with Spaz, HD said that he was on the Hot Seat during her chat. In thinking more about how poorly the Q&A was handled, it seems like Spaz is waiting for something to come out. He knows that assistants talk to the media (he did as an assistant). He knows that his former assistants can now speak more freely. HD didn't have the "gotcha" question, but someone eventually will.

After their hot start, BC baseball made an appearance in the ESPN powerpoll (thanks to Tim for the link).

The former BC staffers now at Rutgers are already recruiting Hayden Rettig.

In their Spring primer, CBS also talks about Spaz's hot seat.

Volleyball players Kellie Barnum and Tsvetelina Dureva earned All-ACC Academic Team honors.

HockeyFuture held a Q&A with Kevin Hayes.


mod34b said...

Glad HD is saying Spaz is on the hot seat. It really does not mean a thing, but i guess the more the media says it the better.

But this bozo meme repeated by bozo-HD is bogus:

HD: "I think BC gets good recruits -- there is something to be said for tough, blue-collar, smart players who really love the game and are easy to coach. BC gets good kids. It should win with them, and it was."

who exactly are these blue-collar players?

EL MIZ said...

guys that come to mind in the last 10 yrs or so include chris snee, jamie silva, kuechly, montel, rich gunnell, matty ice, etc.

ObserverCollege said...

Coach Spaziani was irritated at HD because she was focusing on silly issues. What matters is what kind of person you are, how you give back to your community.

Take Spring Practice. I don't know the motivations, but I think it's great that Coach Spaziani moved up Spring Practice so dramatically. Rather than engaging in "conditioning", Coach has the players get out on the field early and throw the ball around. He then frees himself, his staff and his players up for a true respite after Spring Practice is over.

Myself, I volunteer extensively at my local little league. So often parents whine that they can't "help out" because it's their "busy season", or because they can't get off of work.

To those parents, I say: look at one Coach Francis Spaziani. Will he just tell the Hingham Little League he can't help out during April School Vacation week because his "busy season" is a given? Because Spring Practice always ends in late April. Or does he think "beyond the box"? By moving up his "busy season", namely Spring Practice, he frees himself up for the Hingham Little League from April 1 through late August (save for a week or two of camp)? The players in turn are free to get away from football for a full 3 and a half months before practice starts in mid-August--a respite similar to one a certain pair of Super Bowl participants enjoyed this past summer.

Coach Spaziani could have just worked conventionally, worked by the book. Instead, he worked smarter. That way his team, his community and his family all benefit. As it should be.

mod34b said...

El Miz -- Why are they blue collar athletes? Did their fathers work in factories? I do not think Kuechley fits that category Or Ryan either.

mod34b said...

OC -- Well stated. The early practice schedule also lets the new brand coaches jump right into the fray without the need to spend weeks going over ancient history, like 2011 films (boooooring!). Kind of the Bobby Valentime approach to BC football.

One caution about not conditioning before practice starts (plus the colder weather), is that you hope no body gets hurts ---- oops.. never mind

EL MIZ said...

LOL, i dont think "blue collar" ever implied that they worked in factories. in a sports sense, it means guys that made the most of their abilities, weren't the most athletic guys, played smart, etc.

amdg1540 said...

I'm afraid Mod doesn't understand analogical language. Must be a CSOM grad.

Look up "metaphor", my friend.