Monday, February 06, 2012

I didn't forget the Beanpot and other links

The Beanpot starts tonight. BC is in the late game against Northeastern. I apologize for the lack of a preview, but I haven't been able to watch much BC hockey lately. The Heights put up a good piece. If you have some sort of sports package you can watch the game on NESN.

Women's basketball lost to Wake Forest. They remain winless in conference but still have a few winnable games left on their schedule.

Donnie Fletcher answered some questions for this NFL Draft blog. He attributes much of his success to BC.

ESPN didn't think much of BC's recruiting efforts this year.

I'm glad BC wrote this article on Steele Divitto. If the Globe won't write it, BC might as well promote it on their own site. You also have to be impressed with Steele's maturity.

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