Thursday, February 16, 2012

Maryland was hot, BC was not

Even without winning every game, the team has been playing well. That wasn't the case in tonight's loss to Maryland. It was one of those games where everything went in for Maryland and BC couldn't buy a shot. These are my thoughts. Leave yours below:

-- Better ball handling. The team was pretty careful with the ball in the second half and went through a long stretch in the second half without a turnover.
-- 3/4 court pressure. We used it when we were down a lot with Odio forcing long passes. I would like to see more of it as it took Maryland out of rhythm.
-- Ryan Anderson's post moves. For a freshman, he's got good touch and can go in both directions with both hands.

-- Perimeter defense in the first half. This changed the game. Maryland buried us with 3s and most were because we didn't switch or were playing off the man.
-- Clifford close to the basket. He had a rough night. Not only was he missing bunnies, but he started to hesitate as the game went on and it only made things worse.
-- Shot selection. I like guys driving to the basket, but Humphrey and Jackson put up too many awkward shots.


Lenny Sienko said...

Once again Caudill DNP. Is this coach's decision? Or is he injured?

TheShowGoesOnLupeFiasco said...

Yeah, though no offense to K.C. I doubt he could've stayed with the quick MD bigs last night.

Lenny Sienko said...

I have seen no lack of effort from Caudill. He has worked hard in every game. I even saw flashes of skills that can be encouraged.

There were a couple of occasions when Clifford and Caudill played a "Twin Towers" set up that seemed to work.

Clifford needs someone to play when he must sit out.

While I'm at it, couldn't Danny Rubin have attempted a couple of threes last night when we were shooting so poorly?