Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rugby player wins Bronze Star and other links

This article doesn't mention BC, but I wanted to link the story about former Eagle David van Dam. (thanks Robert for the link). Too often I focus on what former BC athletes do as professionals in their respective sport. But many others go on to do incredible things beyond the playing field.

KC Caudill started out playing baseball, but as he kept growing, hoops made the most sense.

Mike Mayock keeps predicting that the Philadelphia Eagles will draft Luke Kuechly.

Montel Harris will participate in Spring Ball, but the staff will take it easy on him while he recovers.

Cleary, Swigert and Hughes all made the All ACC academic list.

Providence awarded Will Blackmon with a key to the city.

Ryan Purvis signed with the Giants.

Because I don't get tired of watching the Beanpot highlights.


Big Jack Krack said...

KC Caudill

"A finance and political science double major, he hopes to one day go to law school and follow his dream of going into politics."

Kids like that are good for the game-wish it were more common.

I'm sure that calipari has several players with similar credentials. (rolls eyes skyward)

Lenny Sienko said...

Any report on why Caudill didn't play any minutes in the last game? Coach's decision? Illness or injury?

JBQ said...

Thank you for your link on David Van Zam. Not everyone is called to be a Marine. However, everyone is called to be "always faithful". My nephew was just discharged from the Corps after 5 years. I served in the Navy. I urge everyone to thank God for Van Zam. Because of such as he, others don't have to lay their lives on the line. Football is only a game that we rightfully try to win and make no mistake BC is losing. Ever to Excel and Semper Fi.

William said...

ATL, tweeted this at you, need more hockey content. York is 1 win away from #900 (2nd coach ever to do such) and we're well on our way to another trophy season.