Thursday, February 02, 2012

Should Donahue slow things down?

Although BC lost to NC State Wednesday, the game was closer for longer than other recent losses. BC played in a slow, deliberate style with lots of perimeter passing that ate up time. The closest thing I would compare it to would be the Princeton offense without the backdoor cuts. It wasn't pretty but I loved it. After the game, I tweeted the crew from the Heights to ask Donahue if he was going to use this pace for the rest of the season. The Heights blog did some great reporting and got text and video of Donahue explaining the strategy.

One thing Donahue made clear: this was not a permanent shift and not his desired style of play. While I think Donahue is a very good game coach, I actually think he is being a little stubborn here. I think that slow style of play is the way to go. We are witnesses to the effectiveness of Al Skinner's flex. It showed that if you have an unorthodox style that requires the other team to be patient on defense, you can score at a high rate. I know things weren't perfect. Plenty of possessions were rushed and we don't have a guy who can save the possessions in the final seconds. But overall, the strategy worked. Donahue also acknowledged that the pace helped the guys stay fresh.

Donahue's preferred style of play is much more up tempo and prolific. But for now I say do anything you can to get BC winning. Georgia Tech is not as talented as NC State, so BC may be tempted to push tempo. But if things get rough, I hope Donahue turns back to the Princeton style again.

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