Wednesday, February 01, 2012

What I like about Spaz's recruiting class

It is not all doom and gloom on the BC recruiting front. Although I don't like Spaz's approach to recruiting, there were a some positives in his 2012 recruiting class. Below are the actual commitments followed by my happy thoughts.

Jim Cashman, OL, Haddonfield, N.J.
Dan Crimmins, Tight End, Closter, N.J.
Steven Daniels, Linebacker, Cincinnati, Ohio
David Dudeck, DB, Princeton, N.J.
Mike Giacone, Tight End, Jersey City, N.J.
Marcus Grant, Wide Receiver, Carver, Mass. TRANSFER
Win Homer, OL, Christchurch, Va.
Harrison Jackson, Wide Receiver, Round Hill, Va.
Bryce Jones, DB, University Heights, Ohio
Tim Joy, Linebacker, Chelmsford, Mass.
Malachi Moore, DE, Hackettstown, N.J.
Justin Simmons, DB, Stuart, Fla.
Mike Strizak, Linebacker, Fair Lawn, N.J.
Frank Taylor, OL, Warrington, Pa.
Bobby Wolford, Linebacker, Jacksonville, Fla.
Karim Zoungrana, Wide Receiver, Montreal, Quebec

1. Jersey! Although we didn't capitalize as much on the Rutgers and Penn State shakeup as I would have liked, we still brought in six commitments from New Jersey. The Garden State remains the most densely populated football territory in the northeast. BC needs to remain relevant there. Signing six kids out of a 16 person class helps.

2. Making your last minute flyer scholarship offer count. In the final days BC offered and received a commitment from David Dudeck. Dudeck is a decent sized athlete who played QB, WR and safety in high school. His dad also happens to be the head coach at the Hun School. Hun regularly sends kids to FBS and FCS schools. Much like Toal at Don Bosco, it doesn't hurt to have an important high school coach on your side.

3. O Canada. When Akeel Lynch decommitted we lost some of our Maple Leaf connection, but I am still happy to see Karim "Joel" Zoungrana in the class. He looks to be a classic late bloomer and is already on campus. In my opinion BC should target a few Canadians every year and have about five on the roster at any given time. As I have said before, the Canadian kids are a little older, tend to come in with better academic fundamentals and are not turned off by playing in cold, northern Boston. You can't win national championships recruiting just Canadians, but you can get some nice depth. Canada is low hanging fruit as far as a recruiting territory goes.


JBQ said...

Is BC losing any transfers? I have heard absolutely nothing about Suntrup and wonder if he is happy and staying.

mod34b said...

A follow up to your post from last week:

Coaching Search Website January 24:

Boston College: Sources tell me that former Penn State head strength coach John Thomas has been offered the head strength job at Boston College. Click This

Coaching Search Website February 1:

Boston College: I am hearing that Mike Poidomani has accepted the head strength job at Boston College. Clcik This

Mr. Poidomani is a graduate of GDF's alma mater, but that is just a coincidence.

mod34b said...

Some other BC blogs report that a long snapper from Florida, Leonard Skubal, is also part of the class -- if only to bring the number to 17?

is this true? Did BC need a long snapper?

Btoal said...

I really like the OL recruits in this class. I think these 3 recruits are probably as good as any OL class we've ever had.

Joseph said...

"Boston College: I am hearing that Mike Poidomani has accepted the head strength job at Boston College."

true it is on the BC web site

EL MIZ said...

what happened with the strength and conditioning guys? i thought we got the PSU guy via spaz's connections... how did that fall through?

i like the o-line help as well. we have enough tackles that i think both homer and cashman can redshirt, and then contribute from day 1 as redshirt freshman.

we have an inordinate amount of linebackers...presumably a handful will redshirt.

will BC have a fullback next season? tim joy played FB in HS and is listed at LB, i wonder if they play him at FB?

Big Jack Krack said...

As far as I'm concerned, all of these players will be good for BC - welcome aboard, guys.

I'm surprised we didn't get one or two RB's - and of course DT is always a challenge.

We now have quite a few OL's on the roster. Just thinking ahead, I wonder if any of them might be converted to DT?

If the S&C Coach Poidomani (who has been successful at BC in the past) can get these guys together - I think our OL will potentially be back to really pushing defenders around in a year or two.

I don't want any negative spin today, accept maybe to question why we didn't get any RB's. But who knows - we might land a few over the next couple of weeks.

Not to single anyone out over another, but if Malachi Moore develops like he certainly could, we're going to be pretty strong at DE.

For you players from Florida - look at the two teams in the Super Bowl! Two cold-weather teams, which is often the case. Good luck with adapting to Boston weather - it can be done - you can be trendy, but always dress properly for the cold and you'll be fine.

Go BC.

luch said...

Coach P is going to get it done. His guys were strong and explosive. He had guys like Hovan, Koppen, Damien Woody, Will Green..those guys were beasts. great hire.

eagle1331 said...

Just looking at the Mike Poidomani story on BC's website... I wonder if it is also a coincidence he left BC and ran Gym Source... which has the contract for all recreational facility equipment at BC... hmmm

Jeff said...

Yeah, it kind of bothers me that Poidomani hasn't been on a football staff for the past 10 years... we're basically hiring a sales associate to be our strength coach. Leave it to Spaz to bring guys out of retirement, yet again!

America said...
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America said...


Big Jack Krack said...

Dabo misses out............LOL

Why can't we get these kind of guys to play linebacker for BC? Don't we have fast food next to the library?

Cassanova McKinzy spurned Clemson because he missed the Chick-Fil-A.

"What's really important to a college football athlete when choosing the right school? Location, academics, the ability to start early?

How about a school's proximity to Chick-fil-A?

That's apparently what swayed Birmingham, Ala., linebacker Cassanova McKinzy from Clemson to Auburn. When McKinzy visited the Clemson campus, there was no Chick-fil-A in sight, and that just wasn't acceptable.

"[It was] kind of the environment and plus they had no Chick-fil-A on campus," McKinzy said when asked why he didn't choose Clemson. You had to go like, probably like 15 minutes off campus to go to like a real restaurant. Their café was kind of small."

Never mind that there is a Chick-fil-A on Clemson's campus. Clearly this crucial fact was not highlighted on McKinzy's visit. And if you've ever been to a Chick-fil-A, you can sympathize with McKinzy. There's no better way to start a morning than with a spicy chicken biscuit and no better way to settle into an evening of studying than with some waffle fries......................

Of course, McKinzy goes on to say something about the Clemson facilities being too far away from the classes and dorms, but we know the perceived absence of Chick-fil-A was the real reason for him choosing Auburn."

Big Jack Krack said...

I have pretty much given up on College FB and I am just going to watch BC football, cheer them on and, win or lose, get on with my life.

We have spoiled these freakin’ kids so much, there is no wonder why there is so much crime with College players. They think they are above everything because ESPN tells them they are.

Welcome to the family, BC recruiting Class 2012. I wish each and every one of you the best and I hope you can really take advantage of your experience in college.

So much will be expected of you in terms of discipline and time management for your studies and for your practice. But if you are able to embrace the situation, you will be so far ahead of your peers upon graduation, that you'll have a huge advantage as you launch yourselves into your careers.

Take advantage of all networking opportunities.

mod34b said...

jack -- that story about the recruit rejecting Clemson because there was not a Chik-Fil-A on campus is hysterical! thanks for posting it.

With idiots like that playing NCAA football, I half wonder why BC even plays in the same NCAA division. Let's form a quasi jesuit-IVY league and be happy to compete against similar schools with similar standards!

Lenny Sienko said...

What do I remember more-English or Theology class? or Pino's Pizza and the Sub Shop at Lake Street Station?

I don't blame the kid, if there hadn't been a Hayes-Bickford open all night, where would I have gotten breakfast on my way home from the Tam?

Hell, I even miss the Watertown Diner. Funny how I could never find these places in the day light or sober.

mod34b said...

Lenny - Did you perhaps mean the New Yorker Diner in Watertown?

That place was open all night famous, in part, for serving really giant buttery toast slices!

That was our end-of-night spot (jr and sr years when we had cars).

It is still there too!

eagleboston said...

We all went to the IHOP along the river.

Lenny Sienko said...

Classic stainless steel diner on south side of of street, just before Watertown Square...New Yorker sounds right.

When sober, I enjoyed Jack & Marion's in Brighton. They had an endless supply of half-sour dill pickles. You could make a meal out of the complimentary pickles, hot water and ketchup, while one guy actually ordered something.

Cronin's by the "Car Yard" at Harvard Square was great place after everything was closing, usually after we got tossed out of the "Plough & Stars". I still have some of the pint glasses I walked out with.

Can't remember the name of the burger place on Comm Ave near Kenmore Square, at BU. Looked like a car dealership. Great burgers and fries..enormous...emergency exits located near restrooms...never paid a check, always left a tip...statute of limitations on all has run...sorry to go on, you got me thinking about places to eat in Boston, which are gone.

TheGuru said...

Deli King

EL MIZ said...

jim's deli

"BULKIE?!?!" -- jim of jim's deli, asking if you wanted a bulkie roll

Big Jack Krack said...

- Hayes and Bickford at 2:00am - it didn't get any better than that for a college kid. :-)

Big Jack Krack said...

Jack and Marion's was in Brookline - as was the little restaurant and the 1200 Beacon Street Hotel (now Holiday Inn) - Lox and Bagels after the BC Victory Dance at the Parker House or the Bradford Hotel.