Sunday, February 26, 2012

What to read into our newest signee

The biggest football news of the weekend was Spaz adding Concord-Carlisle running back George Craan to his recruiting class. Craaan's story has all the elements you want in a prospect: he was local, has a good family structure behind him, and wanted to play at BC. But the question needs to be asked: if Craan someone BC wanted, why did we wait until three weeks after Signing Day? I don't want to demean Craan. He's a great story and I hope a great success. I fear though that his signing speaks more to issues with how Spaz is managing recruiting.

The fact that BC even has more scholarships at this point goes back to my criticism of banking. Just in the past week we've seen Momah lose his eligibility and a few other players get taken off the official roster. That had us below 85. That's problem No. 1.

The second issue is that we didn't recruit a running back last year nor in this year's class. For a team that wants to run, that is a short-sighted strategy. When Montel hurt himself again, it was a reminder of how thin our RB depth is. Finding a new running back makes sense. But you are not going to find an elite guy after Signing Day. You are going to have to find a player well, well below the radar.

Craan kicked butt this past season. I hope he adds some depth and proves to be another flyer who becomes a star at BC. But the approach to his signing is all wrong. We need to start thinking beyond Spaz and question what sort of talent he is leaving for the next BC coach.


Dan said...

In reading the article on EagleAction it would appear that ensuring admissions was the factor that slowed the process. In the same article Craan also speaks positively of how the BC coaches, Spaz in particular, have managed the relationship.

chicagofire1871 said...

I know there have been some great, well spoken guys come out of BC and make the school look good. I though, wouldn't mind letting guys in to play football solely for that reason and stopping the charade that is the "student-athlete". If football players want to be students, great go for it. If they don't, no worries, you're here principally to play football. Win baby

Scott said...

His ESPN write up actually says he's a sleeper recruit at the major college football level if used in the correct role, but unlikely to be an every down back above the 1-aa level. Watching his film, you can see he makes quick hard cuts in the hole and has the knack to fall forward and fight through arm tackles. I think the big mystery (aside from possibly being a late qualifier) is that he added 25 pounds in one year, changed his game, and exploded Ono the season his senio year in a tiny division. He was headed for prep school to see if he could handle the step up

"Write up from ESPN:

ESPN Analyst
Updated 06/06/2011
Craan is a quick and decisive runner without smooth skill-set but can move the chains effectively. Has good body structure and lower running base which aides his good balance and cutback skill. Quick through the hole. This is a one-cut-and-go back who quickly finds the seam. Can make himself small and get through the tighter creases. Sudden movements give him quick strike ability through the first level. Would like to see him run with a bit more patience at times and see the second or third cut develop. Runs hard and is a second effort back. Can shed arm tackles in the open field with his good downhill momentum and low center of gravity. Retains balance well when he runs behind his pads. Is slippery to wrap up but his ability to break first contact is inconsistent. Lacks great running power and we do not see every-down attributes when projecting for the major college level. Has better burst than top-end speed and lacks an explosive extra gear. Shows some hip tightness gearing down at full speed; makes sharp in-line cuts and may be more elusive in a confined area of traffic than in the open field. That said, we still feel like Craan is a sleeper on the recruiting trail and has featured back tools but likely at the FCS level. Potential change-of-pace runner at a higher level."

Dan said...

Change the name on that profile and it could easily describe Montel.

Scott said...

Craan has a similar build and style to Finch. What's odd is that he was 170 lb elusive waterbug as a junior who lacked top end speed, and after adding 25 pounds for his senior year, not only did he transform into an instinctive one-cut -and-go between the tackles a guy ... But he also drastically improved his track time from 7.1 to 6.8 in the 55m. That suggest he can put on another 10+ pounds without losing speed, balance, etc. so maybe it will work

mod10aeagle said...

Based on the youtube clips I think we should've been recruiting Concord Carlisle's O-line coach. Man, they run the traps flawlessly.