Monday, February 27, 2012

Football Schedule is finally here

With all the confernece shakeups, the ACC delayed its football schedule for weeks. Finally it was released. We knew who BC was playing in 2012. Now we know in what order.

2012 Schedule
Sept. 1 -- Miami
Sept. 8 -- Maine
Sept. 15 -- @ Northwestern
Sept. 29 -- Clemson
Oct. 6 -- @ Army
Oct. 13 -- @ Florida State
Oct. 20 -- @ Georgia Tech
Oct. 27 -- Maryland
Nov. 3 -- @ Wake Forest
Nov. 10 -- Notre Dame
Nov. 17 -- Virginia Tech
Nov. 24 -- @ NC State

My initial thoughts...

This is the most evenly distributed BC schedule in some time. For years it felt like we had soft spots followed by death marches against the toughest teams. Looking at that schedule, there is no section that jumps out. Maybe three straight on the road with Army, Florida State and Georgia Tech, but Army should be a W and Georgia Tech is a winnable game.

I am glad we are ending the season on the road. Thanksgiving weekend games are always low energy at the Heights. With the students gone and many of the regulars elsewhere, it should be a weekend we avoid. I am disappointed that we are hosting Labor Day weekend again. Many of the same attendance and ticket issues are in play there too. Plus we were in the mix for a national game on Sunday or Monday. Playing Miami on a busy Saturday afternoon won't get much national attention on the college football landscape.

Seeing the schedule on paper is a reminder that we have a tough road to a bowl appearance. A decent coach would get us to one, but I don't trust Spaz at this point. I would say the only true wins are Maine and Army. I would put Florida State and Clemson are sure losses (with Spaz's play to lose mentality). That leaves BC to find four more wins from the rest of the schedule. Maybe the offense will finally click with Martin calling the shots. But right now I think this team is headed towards a 5-7 season.


mod34b said...

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Scott said...

This schedule has some built in advantages for our games against Miami (new QB in opener, and out of the heat), NW (cream puff game before hand), Clemson (home & bye week to prepare), FSU (cream puff before hand), and Wake (much weaker at year-end, after their gimmicks are exposed).

Not sure if will matter much FSU or Clemson ... and we have games leading up to GA Tech & VA Tech, which usually require extra time.

But if we can take Maryland and NC State, and use our advantages against Wake, NW & Miami the path is favorable to at least 7 wins, but we'll need to go through Ga Tech or ND to get 8.

mod34b said...

I like the schedule. as we all know, Spaz is just awful at getting the team really ready on Day 1. This scheudle provides for an early bye week, our 2 easiest games and 2 winnable games. This schdule might give the team -- a veteran team - a chance to gain some confidence and gel by mid season. Still, who knows what the team is going to do.

eagleboston said...

I'm struggling to find 6 wins with this schedule. Notre Dame, Va Tech, Clemson, Florida State are pretty much guaranteed losses based on our recent struggles with those teams (I think Clemson is the only victory in the Spaz era). Northwestern on the road is going to be very, very tough as will at Wake. That's 6 losses right there. Miami, Ga Tech and NC State are games we should win but certainly not going to be easy.

On the other side of the coin, we have played so many youngsters the past 2 years, that their experience this fall may surprise us. I also believe we have upgrades at several of the coaching positions. I just wish we had more playmakers on offense and I hope a couple guys can at least attempt to compensate for the loss of Luke.

Walter said...

Part of me hopes Spaz has an undefeated year if for nothing else other than spite.

mod10aeagle said...

Huh? ALL of me wants an undefeated season, no matter who's coaching.

Legal Eagle said...

Kuechly performing well at the combine. According to ESPN he just ran the 3rd fastest 40 for a LB at 4.58. He also pumped out 27 reps at 225lbs which was the 6th best total for a LB.
Wish we had him for another year but I am glad to see him cementing his status as a top 15 pick.

Scott said...

Luke did ever better than that.

4.50 on first try, and 4.58 on his 2nd try. Good for 2nd & 3rd best of all LBs ... while weighing in at 243 pounds.

Also broadjumped 10'3", better than most RBs.

Knucklehead said...

Sept. 1 -- Miami - A win here puts us at 6-6. This is the true toss up game of the season.
Sept. 8 -- Maine - Win
Sept. 15 -- @ Northwestern - Win. No question. We need Rettig to win a game for us at some point. I think this is the one.
Sept. 29 -- Clemson - Loss
Oct. 6 -- @ Army - Win
Oct. 13 -- @ Florida State - Loss
Oct. 20 -- @ Georgia Tech - Loss
Oct. 27 -- Maryland -Win
Nov. 3 -- @ Wake Forest - Loss. This school sucks. They are dirty. Knocked out Chris Crane on a dirty tackle a few years ago. They cheap shotted Montel last year when he came back. Look for an injury or some d-bag mis-direction 60 yard bomb to be the difference. This coach never plays straight up football.
Nov. 10 -- Notre Dame - Loss. ND coach is a troll. He has no self control. Thinks he is Bill Parcells.
Nov. 17 -- Virginia Tech - Loss.
Nov. 24 -- @ NC State. Win. This game couold be T O'B's last regular season game of his career.

Knucklehead said...

If those are Keuchly's 40 numbers then that is great news.

There was alot of under-current that his 40 time was going to be the key his draft position. IE that he had to prove to everyone that he was fast enough.

All the talkers can shut up now.

I pray that he doesn't end up in Phili. The pick makes sense for them though . . . they need some class.

I still think he goes after Hightower from Alabama. Keuchly will end up with Dallas or Cincinnati.

Dallas' VP of Development is a BC grad and they like BC players historically . . . Kelvin Martin, Ron Stone, Marc Columbo, Alex Albright.

TheFive said...

Dear folks,

We lost to Duke and Northwestern at home last year. If you are considering Army on the road a guaranteed win you are absolutely insane.


mod34b said...

A fun look ack on ATL initial reports on Kuechly:

Feb 2009, ATL, in describing "the recruiting class from hell" mention some kid from Cincy:

"Keeping a foothold in Cincinnati 
We only signed one player from the Queen City, but all reports say he is a good one. But more than anything it is a statement. Luke Kuechly attends St. Xavier (TOB and Bible's alma mater). Whispers were that St. X and the other area Catholic Schools were no longer friendly to BC. Kuechly's commitment -- especially after the Jags departure -- provides hope that we can still be a player in southwest Ohio. It also confirms that BC's pitch still connects with the right type of kid."

In August 2009, the first (unclear) glimmer that Kuechly might be great, or is it DiSanzo (who later transferred)

The best "chatter" of the summer has been the play of the young LBs. Everyone is raving about Kuechly and DiSanzo. Clancy was a very good scout player last year. Even Lawrence and Sinkovec (who are both expected to redshirt) have performed well according to second hand reports.

My Bold Prediction
At least two LBs will make All ACC Freshman teams. I don't know who but given the playing time ahead and the positive buzz, I think it is safe to say that two will crack the list."

September 2009

The LBs had their moments, but were the real reason we gave up nearly 500 yards. First the good, DiSanzo had another strong day and is showing good speed and tackling. .. .. Kuechly looked good and in my opinion should be the starter until McLaughlin is 100