Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Anderson's honors good indicator for future success

Earlier this week, the ACC media elected Ryan Anderson to the all-freshman team. Call this season a rebuilding project or call it a letdown, but you have to call Anderson's honor is a silver lining. By winning the award, we can probably predict future success for the freshman. He's also probably a guy we can build around. Just look at the track record of past honorees.

All ACC freshman
2005-06 Tyrese Rice -- 2,000 point scorer, first team All ACC as a JR

All Big East freshman
1979-80 John Bagley -- first team All Big East twice
1980-81 Martin Clark -- 1,000 point scorer and two time BC captain
1980-81 Jay Murphy -- scored 1,795 points and made three All Big East teams
1984-85 Skip Barry -- Only 553 in three years at BC. One of the few that didn't have a great career at BC
1985-86 Dana Barros -- First BC player to scorer more than 2,000 points. Led Big East in scoring twice
1987-88 Corey Beasley -- Decent BC career but never dominant.
1990-91 Bill Curley -- twice elected first team All Big East, 2,102 career points
1993-94 Danya Abrams -- elected first team team All Big three times, 2,053 career points
1995-96 James “Scoonie” Penn -- transferred to Ohio State but was part of two NCAA tournament teams at BC and part of the Big East Championship team in 1997
1999-00 Troy Bell -- two-time Big East player of the year, BC's all-time leading scorer
2002-03 Craig Smith -- 2,349 career points, 1st team All ACC and 1st team Big East (twice)
2003-04 Jared Dudley -- ACC Player of the Year, 2,071 career points
2004-05 Sean William -- BC's all-time leading shot blocker

I don't know if Anderson will score 2,000 points, but he's got an all around game that can serve as Donahue's foundation. But if you look at our most successful times, good freshman were followed by more good freshmen. That means that Donahue needs to have an impact guy next year too if we want things to truly turnaround.


EL MIZ said...

ATL, any idea if we have more schollies than just the 2 committed to the 2 PGs? as of now we have the canadian PG and the kid from san diego. are we pursuing any other targets?

Pearl Washington said...

Captain Doofenschmirtz gave out schollies to Ivy league talents Odio, Moton, Daniels.

So now after the Rahon and Hanlan get here we only have 4 scholarships to give out over the next 2 years.

EL MIZ said...

pearl, daniels was our best player in a handful of games this year, and hit huge shots in a few of the games we won. you sure you'er watching the games?

rubin isn't ACC caliber; aren't schollies on a year to year basis? can we not renew rubin?

odio seems like a project; moton isn't a bad backup to have, especially given his experience at this point.

Jeff said...

Anderson was just as good and had just as bright of a future, before the media elected him to the all-freshman team. I'm not trying to be harsh, but I know you follow the team closely Atl - you shouldn't need the media to tell you that he's got talent. :)

Personally, I view this year as a rebuilding year. No let-down for me. Next year will be the real test.

EL MIZ said...

Scholarship Count: Division I women's programs are allowed 15 scholarships. Men's programs are allowed 13 scholarships.

Scholarship Breakdown: Scholarships in Division I basketball must be full rides. No partial athletic scholarships are given in Division I basketball.

next year:
senior: humphrey
junior: moton, rubin (neither of these guys are needed)
sophomores: anderson, clifford, daniels, jackson, heckmann, caudill, odio
freshman: rahon, hanlan

that adds up to 12. so we still have 1 more schollie available for the freshman class, and if we don't use it we'll have 2 available to recruit HS seniors next season.

anyway we can cut rubin and/or moton? i think moton is way better than moton, but even he is redundant if we have 2 more guards coming in. rubin has seen his minutes steadily decrease from day 1, but maybe he'll be a tyler roche esque late bloomer?

Ry said...

are we sure that rubin has a scholarship. he was a recruited walk-on last year and i don't remember seeing anything that said he was given a scholarship for this year.

Benjamin said...

Moton is incredibly productive off the bench. He can produce a spark when the team needs it. He may not deliver many points, but he's great on defense.

Knucklehead said...

Didn't Cahill get a scholarship this year?

I thought he was a grad assistant to start the year and then he was asked to play.

Moton or Rubin could washout this year because of all the guards coming in and the lack of playing time