Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Can BC win at least one ACC Tourney game?

Prior to the season and even in down times, I stuck to my prediction that BC would win a minimum of five ACC regular season games and at least one ACC Tournament game. I obviously missed on the regular season prediction. The team had its moments but never showed the steady improvement that I had hoped for. The ACC also turned out to be better than I thought.

But with the ACC Tournament set to begin, my second prediction still has a chance to come true. The oddsmakers aren't feeling my confidence. BC enters the game as a 12-point underdog. That expected as we are the 12th seed and NC State is a bubble team needing a win.

I'm hanging my hope on a few nuggets from our first two games against the Pack. In the first game, we got down early on the road yet kept fighting. Sloppy play was the main issue then. I think BC's improved enough in that front to avoid another 17-turnover disaster. The second game in Conte was closely fought. BC slowed the pace and went back and forth in the second half. However, they couldn't score down the stretch and NC State won by five.

For this game I think BC will also slow things down. In addition to the usual keys (3-pointers and turnovers) is CJ Leslie. Wood put up big points but the difference between the two games was BC's defense on Leslie. Anderson will get most of the minutes guarding him, but I do think we should double him on occasion with one of the guards. If Leslie has an off shooting night and is kept off the boards, BC might actually turn the ACC Tournament into a multiple night stay.


mod34b said...

Q: Can BC win at least one ACC Tourney game?

A: No.

Joseph said...

That's it 34. Stay positive.

Big Jack Krack said...

As long as they don't eat too many hotdogs at the Varsity - they have a chance!

Hit those three's and box out on the D. :-)

Popko said...

For those who can't get away from the computer to watch the game, I'll be live blogging it over at The Shrine of the Silva Monkey ( starting at 2 p.m., even if the game is still a few minutes away.

mod34b said...

Q: Did BC win at least one ACC Tourney game?

A: No.

Q: Is anyone surprised?

A: No

Q: Was it a blow out?

A: Yes

Q: Is anyone surprised?

A: No

JBQ said...

Unfortunately after viewing BC athletics on various sites, it is the consensus that this problem is approaching epidemic form. Except for hockey, it appears to cross index through various programs. From an immediate perspective, it is like the newest recruitment campaign for the USMC. It will be "kinder and gentler". Reality will not be used as an excuse.