Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Austin Game Watch and Tampa Host Bar

If you are in Austin and want to watch the game with some other Eagles go to the Frozen Four Game Watch.

Austin Game Watch
Third Base Sports Bar
1717 West 6th Street
7:00pm CST

For those in Tampa, your fellow BC fans are meeting up in a Tampa bar prior to the game. There will be shuttle service from the bar to the Arena.

MacDinton's Irish Pub
405 South Howard Avenue
Tampa , Florida 33606


Tim said...

The game is next Thursday.

BCMike said...

Yes, it is...can't wait!

eagle1331 said...

So, it turns out this trip to Tampa is timed relatively perfectly with a vacation I had planned to Miami for the opening day of the new Marlins Ballpark. Anyone know how I can get tickets to the finals if we make it, aside from stubhub robbing me? Going to be a pain in the ass to drive there and back in one night, but I think it would be worth it...

BCMike said...

The semi-finals are the tough tickets to get. More than a couple fans will head home if their team doesn't make it to Saturday...which floods the market with very inexpensive Championship game tickets for Saturday. You won't have a problem getting one if you just show up.

Tim said...

I agree that you should easily be able to get tix for the title game late Thursday night, Friday, or Saturday. Check craigslist. I've done this myself. As far as I know, the title game is never a tough ticket except in years where, say, Minnesota is in the big game and it's being held in Minneapolis or something like that. Four northern schools playing in Tampa? You'll be fine.