Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How you can watch the Spring Game will stream five ACC Spring Games. BC was not selected. But their is an alternative. BC fans jonesing for BC football can watch the stream via BC All Access on The production won't be as polished as ESPN3's but it will be more than enough for those who care.

As for why ESPN selected those schools and not BC, I reached out to BC for an answer. They didn't really have one as ESPN didn't explain why the other schools were selected. Some of us tend to overreact to these snubs or missed opportunities. This time I am not particularly offended. After all, these are just Spring Games. ESPN can't be making much money on any of them. Plus I imagine BC will look like a work in progress on Sunday, so it is probably best to keep things under wraps. Enjoy it for what it is: our first chance to see Martin's offense and our last glimpse of BC football until the Fall.


Big Jack Krack said...

Let's fly under the radar and shock some people this year. As good as Miami is probably going to be - we can beat them again on September 1st and get off to a good start!

I'm tired of being negative and springtime is a great opportunity for optimism.

Let's key on the players we do have - and our coaching staff - and root them on as hard as we can. It's the BC way. These guys aren't quitting on us - we're not going to quit on them.

I am renewing my season tickets and I look forward to my trips to my home town this fall.

Presently I already have airline tickets and accomodations for Miami, Florida State, ND and Virdinia Tech.

My wife and I will also travel to Atlanta for the Georgia Tech game.

I'd love to go to West Point and I'm considering flying up for Clemson.

Those of you who live in the Boston area or not too far away -please go for the players and our school.

Without seeing it - I'm sure our offensive scheme will give our guys a chance to put points on the board. Won't that be refreshing.

I saw the potential future at Miami over Thanksgiving.

Go BC Football.

Go BC Hockey - Beat Minnesota.

Jerry York - you are BC - you are a class act, and we are so fortunate to have you.

Benjamin said...

BJK - So good to hear your optimism.

Dan said...

Seconded. Enough of the negativity on all of the boards. Let's focus on the positive and get this bad boy headed in the right direction.

Jeff said...

I'll be missing the Spring Game for the first time in years, but glad to be able to watch it online.

As for this season, my expectations are firmly grounded... but my passion remains intact. I will root for our players, regardless of who is coaching them. I have renewed my season tickets, and I'll also be at the Army game. For anyone who's never been to a game at West Point, it really is a great experience.

Anonymous said...

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