Saturday, March 03, 2012

Memorable night for hockey, forgettable day for hoops and other links

The high point of the weekend was BC hockey winning its second straight Hockey East regular season title. The victory was sweet as was keeping BU from getting a share of the title.

Softball lost to USF in the Under Armour Invitational.

The basketball team got trounced by Miami. The Hurricanes overwhelmed BC with 3s and we never recovered. It was a terrible way to end the season. Worse it left BC in the 12th slot of the ACC tournament...meaning we take on the No. 5 team next week.

Bobby Valentine was very complimentary to BC baseball after BC hung with the Sox for a few innings. No one ever expects BC to win the game so keeping it close boost morale.

A recent BC grad is the focus of this article on Jeremey Lin's impact on recreational players.

BC QB target Ryan Burns committed to Stanford.


TheShowGoesOnLupeFiasco said...

The 12 seed might be an easier path to the semis. We'd likely play NC State and UVA instead of Miami and FSU. If wake would've won, we would be the 10 seed, and played clemson and duke. we could've beat Clemson but not duke.

BMurray said...

Great blog for BC guys - keep it coming!