Friday, March 02, 2012

Women's hoops sent packing and other links

The Women's basketball season ended yesterday with another blowout loss. They wrapped up their season with a 7-23 record. The difference between their rough season and the men's team or even Cathy Inglese's terrible record in 1995, is that this is Sylvia Crawley's 4th year and things are trending downward. This should be when things start improving. The roster is young in part because of heavy turnover. Gene is under enough of a microscope now that I don't think he will make a move on her, but you have to question where this program is headed.

Earlier in the week posted a ACC Spring preview.

Spaz holds the No. 1 spot on Athlon's hot seat list.

This article reviews how Stanford became a recruiting power without compromising who they are. I hope we look to some in the Harbaugh tree the next time we have an opening for a head coach.


EL MIZ said...

it is great to see national media (or at least outlets beyond just bc sports blogs) saying that spaz is on the hot seat.

no more excuses this year. 7 wins (IE over 500 season) to show some sort of progress or a new coach.

mod34b said...

GDF replaced a 'great' BC women's hoops coach Inglese with Crawley. What a mistake? Maybe?

Just look atvwhat has Inglese gone on to achieve post BC.

Why just look at her record at URI this year! 1-28!

Big Jack Krack said...

Sylvia had better get it going next year.

As far as I'm concerned she is not the answer - but one more year will tell for sure.

The BC Women should have accomplished more in previous seasons - they were talented.

Now that Donahue's season is over - we'll see what happens starting next year. Can't say that this season was surprising. The ACC Tournament might be another 30 point blowout.

Let's see some improvement next year, Men.

mod34b said...

Football blurb age, courtesy of Southern Pigskin:

"“We’re a multiple, one-back offense, which means we base out of a one-back, but we can easily, through shifts and motions and personnel changes get into two-back sets just as easily," Martin said of his new scheme. "But we will have a very physical, downhill running game. I’d describe the passing game as a West Coast passing game. The tempo of the offense will be a lot different, we’re much more up-tempo, fast out of the huddle, perhaps some no-huddle parts to the offense also. Just a lot quicker tempo than what they played at, a lot more shifts and motions, a lot more diversity to the offense than what they’ve had. I’m going to do everything in my power to make us an effective offensive football team.”"

Also says Sean Duggan will be likely MLB.

eddierock said...

watching hockey game, where are the students?

Lenny Sienko said...

on break

EL MIZ said...

thank god the basketball season is over.

any word on if they can get a 3rd recruit? are they done with the 2 guards they have?