Thursday, March 15, 2012

Potential replacements for Crawley

I am sure Gene has a few potential names lined up for the women's basketball opening. These are a few that I've already heard mentioned.

Jen Rizzotti; Head Coach, University of Hartford
Rizzotti's name was mentioned when Inglese was fired. At the time she was pregnant, so that may have been a factor in her not wanting to make a move then. She's experienced and she's worked in New England. The only drawback might be the UConn connection.

Kelly Greenberg; Head Coach, Boston University
Knows the area. Has recruited at an Ivy League school earlier in her career. She also worked at Holy Cross.

Kenny Brooks; Head Coach, James Madison
A couple of Crawley's BC players actually transferred to James Madison and found success there. He's been a head coach for many years and won consistently.

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Dan said...

Al Skinner anyone?