Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Saints' penalties means higher profile for Carmichael, Jr.

The NFL suspended Sean Payton for a year. As far fetched as it seems, this move has major implications on BC. In Payton's absence, BC grad Pete Carmichael, Jr. will take on a much higher profile role with the team. Currently the offensive coordinator, Carmichael is likely to take on the play calling duties and could also be named the interim head coach. The higher profile is a great career news for the well-liked Carmichael, but probably means he won't be on the shortlist if we make a coaching change next season. Carmichael's path from this new opportunity will be a head coach in the NFL. If he can keep the Saints competitive in 2012, he'll be at the top of the list for most NFL teams hiring for the 2013 season. Even if he struggles, the money the Saints will pay him next year will probably be more than he would make as BC's head coach. Add in the recruiting timeline and the NFL season's length and there are now just too many obstacles for a Carmichael-BC deal.

Despite his popularity among the die hard BC fans, Carmichael might have been a moot point anyway. Gene has said he wouldn't go the NFL route again.

Best of luck to Pete regardless of his future in college of the NFL. If anyone can handle this sort of mess, it is a BC guy.


TheFive said...

Gene's lack of desire to go the NFL route is absolutely immaterial. He will not be our AD when it is time to pick a new football coach.

Joseph said...

Opinion or fact?

Knucklehead said...

I just heard that Payton makes 8 million dollars a year as the Saints head coach.

Carmicheal must make as much as Spaz does right now.