Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Who benefits the most from BC's Pro Day?

Wednesday is BC's Pro Day. Luke Kuechly is the main draw but he'll be surrounded by former teammates and select players from UMass, Harvard and Holy Cross. At this point Kuechly is highly likely to be a first-round draft pick. Donnie Fletcher still has a chance to be a late-round pick. Everyone one else is fighting to get a chance. If the guys below impress at the Pro Day, they may get signed. Here are the guys who have a chance to impress on Wednesday.

1. WR Ifeanyi Momah. Momah's season was cut short, so he needs this day more than most. I don't think he will put up huge speed numbers, but his size will impress in person. It is a passing league so I expect someone to sign a good player who also happens to be 6'6.
2. DE Max Holloway. Holloway has got to be incredible if he wants anyone to take a chance on him. He's not well known, not ideal size and only has three years of game tape.
3. P Ryan Quigley Quigley became a great directional punter. Is that worth a draft pick? Probably not, but if he shows some power to go with his touch, I think he will get a get interest from a few teams.

Mark Spinney and Dan Williams are long, long shots to get drafted, but they can play multiple positions. If they work out well, a good agent should get them with an NFL team. The event starts at 11 AM and will run until 2 PM. Pro Day is closed to the public.

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