Thursday, April 12, 2012

Draft news for Luke Kuechly

ESPN tagged along with Luke and his family on a recent trip to Chicago. Luke and Spaz are saying all the right things about Luke's abilities and history. Even though everyone thinks Kansas City will draft him at 11th overall, Luke will not attend the Draft. I think its a smart move on his part. If Kansas City doesn't pick him, Luke could slide much later into the round. Why expose him to that? I am sure that ESPN can put a camera in his home where he can still get on TV. No reason for embarrassment.

Sports Science tested Luke Kuechly on their various drills. As any BC fan could predict, his scores were as good or better than current Probowlers.


Jeff said...

Luke's not going to slide. Why would he? The guys has as few flaws as any prospect in the draft.

The drafniks seem to agree with me. In the past few months, I've never seen a mock draft where Luke fell out of the first half of the first round.

EL MIZ said...

Jeff, I have seen some mocks which have Kuechly falling to the Giants at 32. Absolute comedy.

A week or two ago an NY Post writer listed the 5 best linebackers in the draft and didn't list Kuechly! I emailed him and told him to "re-think" it, and he alleged Kuechly had a 40-time of 4.90. Who knows where people get these #'s, but in my biased opinion, Kuechly is as sure of a thing as you can get -- you know he's going to work hard, do all the right things off the field, and his production in college + his performance on the "athletic tests" (as if they even matter) has been superb.

I hope he winds up with a team on the rise with a good coaching staff/plan and has a long and successful career.