Friday, April 13, 2012

A day in the life of coaches and other links

If you haven't already, do read Spencer Hall's day spent with the Mississippi State coaching staff. It confirms the grind that goes into the job and the energy needed to do it all well. What I found interesting is Mississippi State's building spree that includes a new player's lounge. There remains a facilities race in college football and BC is far, far behind. We will need an indoor practice facility in the next five years. Also, for those keeping hope that Dan Mullen might tire of facing Alabama and LSU annually and comeback to his native New England, this article is not going to help. The guy seems to like the SEC life. If he leaves, I don't think it will be for a job like BC.

Our current coach is No. 1 on Athlon's Hot Seat list.

The Heights followed up their Humphrey's work with a quote from Donahue.

BC will play St. John's at a neutral site in Connecticut at the Tigers' Class A Facility. Ticket details are here.

BC has interest in Ohio Tight End Greg Hart.


EL MIZ said...

i still think the best coach to get if spaz has another bad year is jack bicknell jr. this would almost certainly take firing gene too, which i am not sure would happen.

bicknell was flutie's Center back in the day. his dad coached at BC. he coached at BC as a grad student and later as the o-line coach during matty ice's last year (and the last year our o-line as above-average).

from 2009-2011 he's been the assistant o-line coach with the giants, and this year will be the o-line coach with the KC Chiefs.

he's a guy with BC ties, who can really help one area of the ball (o-line), who has a super bowl ring and NFL experience. if spaz doesn't win 7 games this year, i hope he's the first guy we reach out to over carpetbaggers like petrino.

Committee for a New Direction in BCA said...

Our Litmus Test Questions

(1) Is Boston College's athletic program better off under a BC President Leahy and this athletic director’s watch or under former BC President Monan and former BC athletic directors Bill Flynn and Chet Gladchuk?

(2) Is Boston College's athletic program under a BC President Leahy and this athletic director a recognized power in athletics like we know it was under former BC President Monan and former BC athletic directors Bill Flynn and Chet Gladchuk?

(3) Finally, can the current BC athletic director stack up in terms of great coaching hires like his predecessors BC Athletic directors Bill Flynn and Chet Gladchuk?

Review the Petition Update tab and see what has been taking place behind the scene. Visit our petition drive at:

EL MIZ said...

To "The Committee" --

A) I don't understand the petition. It doesn't have any articulated views on Gene or Leahy; all I see are links about exploitation of college athletes. That is an issue of college sports on a whole, not specific to BC. Moreover, BC doesn't do the whole one-and-done thing -- these guys get good degrees that, as many touched on yesterday, have a "real world value" in the 6 figures.

B) The football program has definitely been regressing. I will wait to see how it unfolds this year, but I am pessimistic that Spaz is the right guy. Maybe this is the year with the new coaches on offense, after Tranquill was going through the motions and Rogers quit on the team after 2 games. I hope we just needed some direction on that side of the ball from legitimate coaches, as our D has been good. Spaz still sucks as a game-day manager but such is life.

C) Regardless, I am unsure how the football team being 4-8 connotes a complete change of leadership of the entire university, which has taken some pretty big steps forward in the last 10-15 years under Leahy's watch. I know little about it so I won't comment as if I have a view, but it seems to me that BC's academic prestige has only increased. Why should Spaz being a bad football game manager = removal of Leahy and a change of BoD? I just don't get it, and your petition doesn't spell it out.

D) Let's keep the conversation on the ATL posts and BC sports generally. Start your own blog if you want a platform, don't hijack ATL to broadcast views which are held by very few. (Your petition has 0 followers)

Knucklehead said...


Benjamin said...

El Miz,
I think Jack Bicknell Jr. would be a very interesting candidate for HC. He did extremely well with the o-line at BC, and was in the running for the HC position post-Jags firing. I'm curious as to why Spaz got the job over Bicknell Jr.

EL MIZ said...


I've wondered that too. This is from a Blaudschun article back when Rogers got fired (

[after recapping former O-Line coach Turner having a falling out with Jags and leaving the program]:

Jagodzinski and BC athletic director Gene DeFilippo went into a quick search mode and focused on Jack Bicknell Jr., whose father was the BC coach during the Doug Flutie era.

Bicknell had left a head coaching job at Louisiana Tech to become offensive line coach at Texas Tech. He had been at Tech only a few months, but DeFilippo did a heavy recruiting job on him, and gave him the title of assistant head coach as well as offensive line coach. There also was a tacit understanding that if the head job opened, Bicknell would be high on the list. But when Jagodzinski was gone two years later, Spaziani was hired as head coach, and Bicknell left to join the New York Giants.

can't fault him for heading to the NFL after getting passed over. both bicknell JR & spaz received endorsement from flutie during the coaching search.

also, i was wrong in my initial post when i said "would almost certainly take firing gene too." i thought it was bicknell, not turner, that had a falling out with jags and gene. i have no idea what the current relationship is between the two, but perhaps this would be who gene calls if spaz can't get us moving in the right direction this year.

regardless, i am going to channel my inner big jack krack and be big el miz the optimist. i really hope the addition of martin and the ohio state o-line coach can get the offense back to D-1 caliber. i can't do another year of the "run run pass punt" staple of spaz's first few years.

mod10aeagle said...

To "the committee":

You're delusional if you think a couple of sub-par football seasons is grounds for removing the president of the university during a period of remarkable success for just about every other aspect of the institution. And your beatification of Gladchuk is not going to win you a lot of converts. Many people remember him for hiring Henning and the ensuing gambling scandal, and of course there was the Cedorchuk and Milbury debacles, and yeah, Jim O'Brien.

Drop Leahy, the BoD, Flynn and Gladchuk and you might be on to something.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Gdf has been a total failure. Gladchuk hired York, TOB, Skinner and Inglese not to mention Paul Johnson at Navy. Gdf has not hired a quality coach in football, b-ball or hockey in over 20 years as an A.D. The Committee is 100% correct. Is 20-53 record in football and b-ball a good record? The Globe thinks that is a success and the coach did a superb job. Sane and honest people would demurr. Gladchuk did a great job at BC. TOB and Coughlin in football. A mistake with Henning which he remedied by firing him. The gambling scandal was a non event. No laws broken. Just a device, invented by the media, to save Hennings job. Gladchuk fired Jim Obrien.2. BC is going to miss out on 100 mil in tv money because of the incompetence of Gdf and Swafford 3. The racist smear of Skinner took place under Gdf and Fr. Leahy's watch. Should there be a consequence for that?

Larry B. Geil said...

I can understand the reason behind the post because of a coach has many difficulties and all he has to face them alone. My father always admires the couch and he writes some articles about them in writing services. The fact is that the committee is not perfect and they are not providing any facilities to the coaches.