Friday, April 13, 2012

Athlon doesn't think much of Spaz

As I mentioned earlier in the week, Spaz tops Athlon's Hot Seat rankings. Getting placed their didn't mean the Athlon's editors didn't like Spaz. They just felt he has the most pressure heading into the season. However, his place on their other lists shows that they don't like him.

"No. 5 on the Worst Coach List". What's unique about Spaz's spot on this list is that he is the only coach in the Top Ten with a winning record. Athlon rehashes the Jags stuff but then correctly points out that Spaz hasn't done much to change things.

"Worst Coach in the ACC." Even though Randy Edsall inspired mutiny and apathy at Maryland, he ranks above Spaz here. Athlon points out the stats we all know:

-- Under Coach Spaziani, Boston College has scored 30 or more points just six times in 38 games
-- The Eagles won 74% of their games in the five years prior to Spaziani's arrival. BC is 20-19 under Coach Spaziani.
-- Coach Spaziani is 5-14 against teams finishing the season over .500 and 0-5 against Top 25 teams.

As the other preview magazines come out it will be interesting to read their takes on our embattled coach. I don't think there will be much praise or excuse making. How can you when entering your fourth season?

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