Sunday, April 22, 2012

Everett star to Notre Dame, UMass schedule and other links

BC target John Montelus won't be joining his fellow Everett teammates at the Heights. The OL prospect committed to Notre Dame over the weekend. Remember when people justified keeping Spaz for recruiting reasons...

UMass released their future football schedules. BC will play the Minutemen in 2014, 2016 and 2018. For those who have longed for a BC game day filled with uninterrupted spacious tailgating, we will finally play a game at Gillette Stadium in UMass's 2014 opener.

How are people still saying Kuechly is too slow after the Combine?

BC baseball commit Chris Shaw is generating Major League interest.


eagle1331 said...

That's a pretty embarrassing lost opportunity, though I don't remember anyone justifying keeping Spaz because of recruiting... was that a joke? Our recruiting has been awful the last 3 years and it shows on the field.

EL MIZ said...

It is petty to blame every recruit that doesn't sign with BC on Spaz. Both this MA lineman and Matt Ryan's cousin are going to ND. Let's face facts, we are going to lose recruits to ND -- they have a more visible program, their own TV deal, way better facilities. The support the ND football team receives as compared to the BC team is night and day, I would imagine.

BC's calling card has and will be finding guys who weren't recruited by the Big Schools, who have a chip on their shoulder, who play smart and play hard. If Kuechly got an offer from ND or Ohio State, he would've gone there! He didn't, and came and played great at BC. Same thing w/ Montel at FSU -- these guys only wind up at BC b/c they aren't big enough or fast enough as 11th graders and carry that with them throughout college. Yea, there are going to be guys like Brian Toal or Rettig or other kids who are recruited by a bunch of good schools and like BC, but by and large, those guys will be exceptions, not the rule.

Also, the 2 recruits for 2013 look good so far -- let's focus on retaining them and not cry over spilled milk.

TheFive said...

Not a shock that a HSchooler doesn't want to join his HS teammates at BC. I'm sure he's heard from the players themselves how much of a circus the football program is, and how much of a clown Spaz is.

Committee for a New Direction in BCA said...

Future sports therapist will site BC Athletics as a case study on greed and power! Think about what BC players have had to endure. An athletic director who wants to be in the locker room showing he is in charge, and has undermined the head coach by going to his/her players and asking questions designed to empower himself, undermining the coaching staff relationship with the players at the expense of the student athlete and the very coaches he has hired.

What has taken place within Boston College athletics will be written about for years after this athletic director is forced out.

This athletic director told Pres. Leahy that he gets along great with Tom O'Brien, a huge lie. If the public knew what has taken place within BC Athletics there would be a national outcry for BC Pres. Leahy and this athletic director to be fired. Such an event we think is in the making!

neenan said...

"Blame Spaz."

Blame Spaz for everything. Ok, not everything. Blame GDF too. Tiresome.

And sure ATL is critical of Spaz, but he does so in a more measured, (non-obsessive) way than the other blogs in BC Nation.

Sorry, Five, Miz said it best.

TheFive said...

The football program is at its lowest point in 15 years. Blame whoever you want, but don't ignore it. As a program we do not have an identity, we do not have a recruiting philosophy, and we do not have a head coach who seems primed to change either problem.

Check the numbers --- we couldn't give away scholarships last year. Recruits chose UConn and Harvard over BC. Sure, BC has some disadvantages as a program versus ND or the factories, but it has always been competitive with the likes of Syracuse, Pitt, Maryland, Northwestern, Stanford, Vanderbilt, etc. Check out how many of those schools we beat out for recruits during the Spaz Error.

Nobody is comparing BC to Ohio State, just BC now to BC five years ago (or even ten years ago). And the comparison is not a favorable one. Again, blame whoever you want. But don't pretend otherwise.

NEDofSavinHill said...

The Committee is right as usual. Should Spaz and Gdf get cretit or blame for 20-53 record? 2. A hopeful view of 2012 football is that the new assistants are Spaz hires not Gdf's. That the team is going back to a pro style- power approach with 300 lbs. o-linemen and that a QB can emerge. If they continue to score less than 20 a game there won't be many victories. Having observed FSU and ND spring games on tv BC has 2 very tough games. 3. The Miami game will be a strong indicator of where this tem is going.

Knucklehead said...

The irony is that the Notre Dame coach has more connections to Massachusetts football than Spaz does.

Forget his name but he went to St. Johns Prep and Curry College.

Meanwhile the Boston College coach is a Penn State grad/Yankee fan.

Tom O'Brien was legendary for getting the Mass recruits: Columbo, Zukauskas, Whitworth et al.

Big Jack Krack said...

I want to see us come out for the Miami game with quiet confidence, and push those guys around like we did last November.

If we get a bunch of injuries, we're in trouble - there's no question.

Otherwise, I think we can compete strongly in at least 9 games, with a chance to shock FSU, VTech or Clemson.

We've got still young) seasoned veterans who are not going to be wide-eyed any longer.

I think our coaching staff can give these guys a chance to win, which is what we all want.

I admire a team that is not highly regarded - a team that is highly criticized - That comes out ready to play and competes because they have the fortitude and character to do so.

Let's go BC - spread that field; protect Rettig and we'll see some magic.

And let's be a little more agressive on the D.

Our lowest point was last year - and now we're moving forward.

I'm already on the bus! I've got my season tickets and I've got my reservations for Miami, ND and VT - and GT in Atlanta. And there will be other games as well!

Let's go - I'm ready to hit someone (or finesse them). :-)

Committee for a New Direction in BCA said...

Dear Eagles,

This story will become a national story with sports psychologist pointing to how not to do it! Here is what has hurt Boston College athletics:

1. No Board of Trustee Leadership (Non Transparent Board)
2. The Board Chair is a rubber stamp for Pres Leahy who does not like sports.
3. Pres. Leahy is a poor leader as is the athletic director. As long as donors keep giving via the athletic development office Pres. Leahy will continue to support some of the most egregious and unethical business behavior from an out of control athletic director. “HE” needs to feel like he is a Division IA athlete and that “HE” has national prominence over the great coaches he has fired and or pushed out.
4. BC will pay the head coach well but compensation paid to the assistants continues to decline to the lowest levels of the ACC.
5. Athletics is short-handed as far as training staff to all the sports but “HE” makes $600K to $1 million plus a year driving athletics into the ground and great coaches out.
6. This athletic director must keep cutting because of the declining revenues “HE” created.
7. The key question the BC Board of Trustees will not state is “how is the athletic director compensated?”
8. Imagine you are the head coach and you are doing your game plan as professionals do and this Division III QB walks in and acts like he is part of your staff? Can you imagine the atmosphere within the BC Athletic Department? “HE” is a sports fan out of control but he needs to feel powerful. This is what former BC coaches, BC sports alum, his staff and others have told us -- “HE” is out of control!
9. What the Committee for a New Direction in Boston College Athletics knows is the Herald and Boston Globe will not touch this athletic director. The question is, “why?” We have some ideas but we feel the true story of all the behind the scene play will not be fully know until such time as someone has to touch a bible and tell the truth or a national news media program comes in to do an investigation.


DONORS STOP GIVING! BC has a $1.7 Billion Endowment w/$760 million in debt. If DONORS keep giving athletic keeps tanking. This is opposite of what is suppose to happen! Again, “HE” makes $600k to a $1 million plus a year. “HE” would have been fired long ago but dysfunction breeds dysfunction and Leahy is dysfunctional. He is no J. Donald Monan (former BC President and huge sports fan) and “HE” is no William J. Flynn (former BC athletic director). Time to dry up the well to bring his exit from BC! As we have been told, “HE” will look right past you for the next check!!!

The BC students and student athletes should voice their discontent. At $6oK a year is this fair? SHOUT OUT…”FIRE HIM NOW!” Call for Board members to resign!!

Sign our petition and we will move mountains but need signature support:


The Committee for a New Direction in Boston College Athletics