Monday, April 23, 2012

Looking at other Eagle's chances in the Draft

Luke Kuechly will be drafted in the First Round of the NFL Draft. With the Draft weekend approaching, it looks like he might be the only Eagle drafted.

Of the other eligible players, only Donnie Fletcher is getting any mainstream attention. ProFootball Weekly considers him a fifth or sixth rounder and all of their anonymous gossip is bad. Rob Rang of likes him more than most but still sees him as a sixth rounder. Fletcher's got good size and is a good tackler. But will that be enough for him to overcome his lack of speed and his rumored work ethic issues. I've always liked the way he played. I think if he is drafted he will have some staying power.

While the news isn't good on Donnie, at least he is getting some attention. Even the sites that go deep into the talent pool aren't even bothering with Lars Anderson, Ryan Quigley, Mark Spinney or Max Holloway. They all have profiles on NFLDraftscout, but not one write up among them. Holloway is the most frustrating case. As dreary as BC football may have been last year, it is still better than not playing. And if he truly had NFL ambitions, one more year to get notice may have made a difference.

Ifeanyi Momah looks like a lost cause too. Because he still is not healthy enough to work out, no one will touch him. Maybe someone will bring him in this summer, but he will already be behind the eight-ball due to lack of practice and familiarity.

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Galvin said...

I could see the Jags snagging him if they aren't enamored with Coples, Ingram or fan favorite Dontari Poe