Monday, April 23, 2012

Recruiting news and other links

My gut tells me that our chances with Hayden Rettig really depend on how BC does this season. If we show that we've turned the corner and can run a dynamic offense, then maybe he'll want to join his brother at the Heights. Maryland DE prospect has BC interested, but he hasn't visited campus yet. Ricky Town is 2015 prospect and already receiving interest from major programs. Wyoming is not a usual stop on our recruiting searches, but BC has offered DE prospect Donnie White Jr.

South Jersey is proud of Johnny Gaudreau.

Mike Mayock praised Kuechly's potential in the Globe and in

Not BC-related, but here is a great read on how some coaches have been hired. I think there is a happy medium between a committee and one man calling the shots. As we've seen there can be mixed results if there is no one questioning one-man show.

Catching up with Troy Bell.


Big Jack Krack said...

Different subject - sorry.

Kreider just got his first goal as a professional a little while ago - New York Rangers vs Ottawa Senators - in the playoffs no less up there in Ontario.

Congratulations Chris.

FakeShalomTfree said...

Good to hear Washington's name come up in a positive light on the recruiting trails (in the MD recruit article). Perhaps some of the new guys on the staff could bring a little energy to the process this year

canttakeit said...

Kreider looked very good. Watched the game with some old classmates at a bar. The last 2 times we were ther together was 2008 BC-Vt ACC Championship game and March 2009 BC-Duke ACC tourney game. How quickly and how far we have fallen

Benjamin said...

Echo your comments on Washington. It sounds like the new staff is having some positive effect on the team.

EL MIZ said...

Washington was an excellent hire. Score one for Coach Flip and Assistant Coach Spaz.

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