Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BCS changes and what it means for BC

The BCS meetings start this week and plenty of changes are being reviewed. While the degree of change is unknown, the direction of the meetings is great news for BC.

Semifinals Call it a Plus+1. Call it a playoff. It doesn't matter. It seems like there is finally consensus to have have a mini-postseason. A four team playoff will still be a political nightmare that would nearly always exclude a team like BC, but it is a start. Once Pandora's Box is open, the 4-team playoff will expand to an 8 or 16 team playoff. That format would give BC hope.

Home playoff games The bowls are fighting hard, but it looks like some portion of the playoff would be on campus. That would be huge for a team like BC. Bowls are never really neutral sites for us. We always travel far and don't bring fans. I know a home playoff game will be a rare occurrence at Alumni, but it is still better than playing in an empty pro stadium. I also think that home playoff games will lead to home Conference Championship games. Do you think 2007 and 2008 might have been different if the ACC Championship games were played at BC?

Minimizing the importance of "travel reputation" This movement sounds like it will kill the lower tier bowls. It also sounds like all ADs are tired of buying huge blocks of tickets. That means that the non-playoff bowl games that remain will need good TV. BC -- when playing well -- is a great TV draw. The culling of the smaller bowls, might mean BC plays in fewer bowls, but does anyone really care? I think excitement and travel related to a bowl would improve if it was a true honor.

More shared money The playoffs will mean more money. It will also be more evenly split among the major conferences. That's great news from BC and could allow us to upgrade our facilities.

The ACC sent Georgia Tech's Dan Radakovich as its representative so Gene won't have a seat at the table this week. But I hope he is a strong supporter of playoffs. It is the only solution for BC. And one day we will have a coach who can get us to the playoffs again.


blockparty said...

"And one day we will have a coach that can get us to the playoffs again."

Makes me sick hard far we done fell.

EL MIZ said...

really good news for BC fans. i've always wondered why conference championships aren't at home -- it rewards the regular season winner and the team that can win the conference should be able to cash in on an extra home game.

as you said ATL, once pandora's box is open, it will be pried open year after year. if there is a 4-team playoff next year, i would wager there will be a 16-team playoff 10 years down the road. its just inevitable.

love the spaz dig at the end ATL, you just can't help yourself! LOL. al washington has been given props by at least 3 recruits in different articles i've read since we hired him; i like doug martin's youtube videos on the offense -- maybe spaz will actually have a competent coaching staff this season?

hopefully spaz played some "NCAA football" on playstation this offseason and now understands the importance of centering for field goal kicks. those angles are tricky!

Frank C. said...

where's the love for kreider scoring the game winning goal for the rangers to keep them alive in the playoffs the other day!?

FakeShalomTfree said...

Frank - BCI covers BC Hockey and BC hockey alumni activity ad nauseum. They have plenty of coverage over there

MUD said...


Love your sense of humor! Can't wait for Kuechly, the St. X legend to get drafted tonight! 2nd all-time leading tacklers since they have recorded it in NCAA history, and he only played 3 seasons. Will become an automatic fan of his in the NFL like all BC grads!

Obviously, he owes all he knows to Spaz and GDF.

Big Jack Krack said...

While waiting for the news on Luke, I must say that I am hoping Jeff Comissiong and Al Washington can bring in some tough Defensive Linemen. Washington looks like a great addition to the coaching staff and to Comissiong.

This is where we need to improve the most, because we don't have the depth. Secondly, we need interior linemen and defensive ends who can play within the system of stuffing the run - but who can also get to the QB when the opportunity arises without the blitz.

Last year we had zero push or pressure on the QB for the most part. For instance, a young guy like Ricci needs help with his strength, stamina and technique - and hopefully he'll get that and develop properly. He was shoved into the lineup too soon, because of our depth issues.

If Ramsey can stay injury-free, we have a chance to be pretty good, with Appiah, Quinn and Murray - Mihalik, Edebali and Abdesmad. I wish that Holloway had stayed in school for depth purposes, but it is what it is. I'm not sure what we're doing with Wujciak and Borcich (end or interior) - or whether or not Rudolph will be back.

Defense will be a huge factor in our season - especially along the line of scrimmage.

Go BC.

JBQ said...

I'm glad to know that "Big Jack Krack" wears "rose colored glasses. Adrian Monk says that "it's a jungle out there". Unfortunately at BC, it's a jungle in there. Until you "cut off the head of the dragon", the rest of the body will continue to deteriorate. The Cross of Lorraine was the symbol for the French Resistance. It is time to "send in the clowns" because that is who is manning the bridge.